Now that Cardi B has her new baby boy with her husband, Offset, she is eager for the postpartum issues with her body to go away. The rapper tweeted on September 30 that she’s so tired of bursting out in tears because of the dramatic drop in the hormones estrogen and progesterone that occurs after giving birth.

“Can’t wait till these weird postpartum hormones completely leave my body. I be crying for no reason,” she told fans in a tweet. Cardi gave birth to a son on September 4. She and Offset have yet to reveal his name.

The “Up” rapper also had issues following the July 2018 birth of her daughter Kulture, including postpartum depression.

“I thought I was going to avoid it,” she told Harpers Bazaar in a 2019 interview. “When I gave birth, the doctor told me about postpartum, and I was like: ‘Well, I’m doing good right now, I don’t think that’s going to happen.’ But out of nowhere, the world was heavy on my shoulders.”

Cardi’s postpartum issues with Kulture ultimately caused her to drop out of opening for Bruno Mars on tour. Sixteen days after Kulture’s July 10 birth, she took to Instagram to announce she wouldn’t be joining the “That’s What I Like” singer on the road.

“I thought that after giving birth to my daughter that after 6 weeks’ time would be enough time for me to recover mentally and physically,” she wrote. Not only was her postpartum body not ready for the grueling work of a concert tour, but her heart also wasn’t either.

“I also thought that I’d be able to bring her with me on tour, but I think I underestimated this whole mommy thing,” she continued. “Not only am I just not ready physically, but I’m also not ready to leave my baby behind since the doctors explained it’s not healthy for her to be on the road.”

Even though Cardi may be prone to bursting out in tears at any moment, she made her first major public appearance since giving birth to her son at Paris Fashion Week. On September 28, Cardi was the guest of honor at the “Thierry Mugler: Couturissime” event at the Paris Museum of Decorative Arts.

She wore the iconic designer’s one-of-a-kind red sequin gown with a huge vertical plume of red feathers above her on the red carpet. The look was from Mugler’s 1995 couture collection. Cardi looked absolutely stunning in it, and she showed off how in three weeks’ time, she has her pre-baby body back.

The rapper’s waist was so slim and tiny, and her tummy flat. While she still is prone to crying and having postpartum emotional swings, at least she doesn’t have to worry about long-term dieting to lose the baby weight.