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Celebrities Who Regret Past Acting Roles: Ryan Reynolds, Ben Affleck, Sarah Jessica Parker and More

Would they do it over? Many actors regret past acting roles they’ve had in movies, including Ryan ReynoldsBen AffleckSarah Jessica Parker and more. 

Surprisingly, some stars even look back with disdain on the parts that blasted them into superstardom. Robert Pattinson has not been shy when it comes to his true feelings about the Twilight franchise. 

“If it hadn’t been so successful, I think people would have thought it was really weird. It’s a really weird story,” the U.K. native, who played Edward Cullen, told W in 2017 years after admitting the film “didn’t make any sense.” 

“I think once it becomes mainstream, it’s difficult for people to see how strange the story is,” he continued, specifically referencing the fourth and fifth movies in the franchise. “It’s nuts. … No, it’s wild. Once you got it in your head, you’re like, ‘Oh, this is just the thing for little girls.’ And then, like, it’s kind of — it’s difficult to get past.”

In fact, Robert, who has gone on to star in critically acclaimed films like The Lighthouse and The Lost City of Z, confessed that he almost never made it to the big screen as Edward because he was close to getting fired during the first movie. 

He explained to Howard Stern in 2017 that he began playing his character as “really intense,” which the producers did not care for, as he seemed too serious. 

“I thought I was pretty safe. [My agents] flew up and were like, ‘You have to do the opposite of what you’re doing now or you’re going to get fired today,’” the Tenet actor explained, while noting some sort of “compromise” was made. “I literally came back after lunch and was like, ‘Hi! I wanna keep my job!’”

While his costar Kristen Stewart, who played Bella Swan, agreed the franchise “wasn’t entirely cohesive” during a sit down with Interview magazine in 2015, she doesn’t look back with regret. 

“The intention is so f—king pure in a weird way,” the Spencer actress said at the time. “Anybody who wants to talk s—t about Twilight, I completely get it, but there’s something there that I’m endlessly, and to this day, f—king proud of. My memory of it felt — still feels — really good.”

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