Ummm awkward! In late February, Life & Style learned that Bachelor Nation bad boy Chad Johnson was dating Colton Underwood‘s former contestant Caitlin Clemmens, and while he told us he was “seriously” trying to see where their relationship could go, she was a little less enthusiastic about the whole thing. On March 7, Chad claimed in an interview that Caitlin was trying to “hide” their alleged romance, and then apparently made out with another dude right in front of him!

During the NotSam Networks’ The Tomorrow Show with Keven UndergaroChad explained how everything with Caitlin unfolded, from his point of view. He said that they “were talking on and off for a couple of months” before Caitlin came to Los Angeles to shoot the Women Tell All special. “I pick her up from the airport. We end up hanging out … ” Chad said they actually spent three whole days and nights together before a fateful dinner with her and another unnamed contestant ruined the budding fling.

“We’re sitting there at dinner, and she was like, ‘yeah, this is the only girl that knows about you.’ And I was like ‘wait, what are you hiding me?’ … Once she says, like, nobody knew about me; she didn’t want anybody to know, I said, ‘ok, f–k this,’ and I stood up, grabbed my drink, and walked out … I just walked out,” he said. “I just kinda was like, alright, what’s next? … That’s why it hurt because the fact of the matter is that, like, she made it blatantly clear that she was trying to hide it.” Womp, womp.

But things only allegedly got worse from there. “We went to a club, and basically I end up seeing her do some s–t and makes out with another guy right in front of my face … basically I end up leaving again,” he continued. “She tried to come over to my apartment after that, around 3 [a..m], I told her, yeah, but then I just went to sleep.” Chad said it was after that that people began questioning if they were dating, and it really bothered him that she acted like she didn’t even know him. “I was serious about her, you know what I mean? I was like, ok, I actually wanted to see where this goes.”

Caitlin later shared her side of the story in a statement with Life and Style. “I am choosing not to engage in any more of the press surrounding this topic,” she wrote. “I tried to remain very respectful while shutting down dating allegations by simply stating that we were not dating and I had no plans to date him. It seems as though that respect is not reciprocated. I had no intentions of hiding our shared time from the public, but felt also felt as though this was my private life and it was not necessary to share.”

The reality star continued, “He chose to take to twitter and the press to try and solve a matter that could have been rectified through a mature conversation. In no way did our shared time constitute a committed relationship and that is why I attempted to respectfully shut down those rumours. I wish Chad all the best in his future endeavours and I hope he is able to find the love that he claims to want.”