Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are known for sharing TMI, ​and the Cravings author had to address why her bathwater was completely dirty after ​her husband shared a video of her in the tub on Monday, June 17.

The model, 38, was seen naked while vigorously scrubbing down her legs with a washcloth as she sat in brown water. “What is happening here?” the “All of Me” singer, 43, asked. “I’m getting all of my body makeup off,” Chrissy responded as John panned in to show she was using his Loved01 skincare exfoliator.

Some fans didn’t turn the sound up to hear the cookware designer’s explanation for her filthy-looking tub water, while others thought it just looked gross.

“IDGAF if it is makeup. It looks dirty,” one fan commented, while another wrote to the couple, “It’s not too late to take this cringe down.”

“@johnlegend this is very inappropriate and it’s puzzling that you allow your wife to cross every line !!!!!! SMH,” one person told the crooner as another stated, “Some things should be said! Visuals aren’t always needed!”

Chrissy herself wrote in the comments, “The water is dirty because I’m getting my body makeup off, like I said in the video my sweet angels!” That caused one fan to write, “I was concerned for a minute about the color of that water!! Which is why listening and reading is necessary.”

Not everyone was offended by the video. “These two just enjoy life man. I love it,” one ​viewer commented, while another added, “Can y’all stop acting so dense? She said it’s makeup and this is obviously product placement/advertisement for HIS product. Not just a random video of her in a tub. Use your brains.”

Chrissy Teigen Addresses Dirty Bathwater After John Legend Video

John’s skincare company wrote, “@chrissyteigen getting that perfect summer glow with our exfoliating cleanser,” further proving the video was helping promote Loved01.

Some fans were shocked to find out the EGOT winner is a blossoming skincare mogul. John launched the unisex brand in January 2023 via Amazon Beauty, although it is now available at stores such as Walmart and CVS ​and has its own website.

“We created Loved01 with melanin-rich skin in mind because we believe our community deserves great skincare at an affordable price. Our mission is to democratize skincare by offering effective, nurturing skincare for complexions of color,” John states on his company’s website.

Loved01 features a wide range of skincare products, including cleansing bars, exfoliating cleanser, toning mist, face and body moisturizer face and body oil, shave cream and hand and body lotion.