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‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pros (From Past and Present!) Flaunting Their Beach Bodies: See Photos!

If you’re a fan of Dancing With the Stars, then you already know the pros are peak physical shape. After all, that level of dancing requires some serious stamina! When they’re not rigorously training for the competition, they all love to relax and show off their hard work by lounging on the beach in bikinis.

From Sharna Burgess to Lindsay Arnold, the beloved ABC personalities work hard to maintain their health and fitness. Take Lindsay, for example. In order for the the Provo, Utah, native to perform her best, she has to fuel her body! “We have catering on show days, and I definitely take advantage of that. I have to eat a substantial meal before I perform, or I won’t have the energy I need to last through my performance,” Lindsay previously told Womanista.

However, Lindsay’s diet isn’t as strict as you’d think. “Eating healthy does not mean you have to eat kale for every meal,” she once shared on her website. “It is about a well-balanced diet and portion control. I have found a lot of ways to enjoy eating healthy and also have found some loopholes to satisfying my sweet tooth without succumbing to a whole tub of ice cream.”

As for Sharna, the Wagga, Wagga, Australia, native, shares a similar mentality, especially when it comes to snacking. “The key to this is PORTION CONTROL,” she previously wrote in a blog post. “You may not think another handful would make a difference, but times that handful by seven days or 30 days and before you know it, you’ve snacked your way to 7,000 calories.”

That said, Sharna, who is dating her season 30 Dancing with the Stars partner, Brian Austin Green, doesn’t condone restrictive diets. “I don’t believe in deprivation, I do believe in healthy choices and making sure those choices stay available to you,” she added.

In addition to diet, Sharna’s fitness routine is no joke … but she keeps it fun! “The best form of exercise is one that you enjoy,” the mirrorball trophy winner told People in 2016. “Find a local dance studio, take a friend to hot yoga — make it a social thing if you struggle to find the motivation. Once there are changes in your body and your energy levels, that will be all the motivation you need.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of Dancing With the Stars pros flaunting their beach bodies.