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Fitness Inspo! ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Pro Sharna Burgess’ Most Ab-Tastic Photos

Fitness inspiration! Dancing With the Stars pro Sharna Burgess is all about staying fit and her toned abs prove how hard she works.

“The best form of exercise is one that you enjoy,” the Australian beauty previously told People in 2016. “Find a local dance studio, take a friend to hot yoga — make it a social thing if you struggle to find the motivation. Once there are changes in your body and your energy levels, that will be all the motivation you need.”

Besides being a key component to her career as a dancer, Sharna finds exercise to be fulfilling for other reasons. “Physical activity relieves anxiety, calms the mind, the nerves and brings you confidence from the inside out where you can battle some of those insecurities, straight on,” the influencer explained in a blog post on her website. “Exercise is the space and time to push yourself and to feel proud of what you accomplish.”

That being said, the ballroom dancer’s outlook on fitness is all about competing with herself to be the best she can be. “To me being fit means … you want it and you’re willing to do what it takes for it,” she wrote on her website. “It’s self-motivation, mind over matter and digging deep when it hurts the most.”

Of course, what she puts in her body is as important to her as putting in hours at the gym. The Wagga Wagga native needs the proper fuel for her active lifestyle and doesn’t “believe in deprivation” to achieve her goals. “I do believe in healthy choices and making sure those choices stay available to you,” Sharna continued.

She explained that “portion control” is the biggest tool she uses when it comes to what she eats. “You may not think another handful would make a difference, but times that handful by seven days or 30 days and before you know it, you’ve snacked your way to 7,000 calories,” acknowledged Sharna.

However, it’s not all about her physical well-being. Sharna encouraged others to use the “muscles of our mind” to stay “positive and motivated” in our own lives. “This means positive self-talk, this means self-care and self-love. If we are not willing to be kind to ourselves then who on earth are you expecting to treat you with kindness,” she said.

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