Congrats to Kaitlyn Bristowe and Artem Chigvintsev! The celebrity-dancer duo won the 2020 mirrorball trophy for season 29 of Dancing With the Stars during the finale on Monday, November 23. The competition was particularly stiff this season, and the finals were taken to the next level.

The final four couples — Kaitlyn and ArtemJustina Machado and Sasha FarberNelly and Daniella Karagach and Nev Schulman and Jenna Johnson — were revealed following a double elimination on November 16.

All of the groups brought their A-game on Monday for the highly anticipated special with the Catfish star coming in second, Nelly in third and Justina in fourth.

This season has been filled with ups and downs for many of the couples, including unexpected injuries and setbacks. During week 2, former Bachelorette Kaitlyn’s ankle injury prevented her from participating in dress rehearsal and almost kept her from performing for the live show.

She switched to “comfier” shoes and received a last-minute cortisone shot to help her hit the dance floor. The injury luckily wasn’t enough to force her out of the competition, and the Bachelor Nation babe, 35, proved how invested she was in the process. She admitted she was “bawling” over the possibility of not being able to perform. “I’ll cut my leg off before I have to quit the show,” she said backstage after their performance via Instagram before noting her statement was “a little dramatic.” 

Catfish star Nev, 36, also had a scare prior to Villains Night on October 26. “I was nervous [Monday] man, oof. I fell so hard, like, right at the end,” he explained during an interview with ET at the time. “Like flat out, the medic came out, and they didn’t know if I was going to dance. We didn’t make a big thing of it because I was OK, but it was not good.”

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ABC/Eric McCandless

His partner, Jenna, 26, also admitted to being extremely freaked out over the incident. “I thought there was a broken body part for sure,” she added. “We kind of had a rocky start Monday morning and afternoon during dress rehearsal, but Nev is a game-time player. So when I tell you that he was just emoting this Black Swan energy while we were dancing, it was crazy, it was epic.”

Luckily, all the finalists stayed in-tact and healthy leading up to the end of the season, and it was an unforgettable night. Now, it’s time to celebrate the winners!