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She’s Always Cool for the Summer! Demi Lovato’s Best Bikini Moments Over the Years

Disney Channel alum Demi Lovato enjoys a beach day and loves rocking their swimsuit collection. She has been sharing fierce photos through the years of them posing on beach trips and pool days. She’s also been a vocal advocate of the body positivity movement. 

“Learning to love my body the way it is challenging but life changing,” Demi told Women’s Health in July 2021. “Giving up my eating disorder has been the most challenging journey of my life but I work every day towards solid recovery even if I mess up sometimes.”

The “Heart Attack” singer developed a reputation for being candid and upfront with their fans. She have posted across social media about their experiences with an eating disorder, bipolar disorder and addiction. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Demi patted themself on the back for their progress in their body confidence journey.  

“Had to film a sex scene today. My first one!” the singer wrote in the caption of the photo of them sitting on the couch while wearing a black bikini. “I had a little anxiety going into it but the cast and crew were so professional and easy to work with, it calmed me down immediately. Then, I thought about how proud I am for being able to feel comfortable enough in my skin to do that.”

She went on to share an empowering message about body confidence and self-love, encouraging their followers to find confidence “in [their] skin.”

“I rarely ever showed my arms before.. now I’m in this!!” they continued. “(Granted, it barely shows anything BUT STILL) I don’t always feel good in my skin, so when I do, AND I feel sexy enough to post – I do just that! It’s important to celebrate the little wins. Yay for this random burst of body confidence and yay for awkward hilarious sex.”

Demi has also shared some of the meanings behind their more than 20 tattoos, which include references to everything from their music career to their past struggles with addiction. She added a spider head tattoo design in January, following reports that the singer recently completed a stint in rehab. 

While showing off their new ink via Instagram Stories, Demi shared a quote from the Cherokee story “Grandmother Spider Brings the Light” — which seemingly shed light into the meaning behind the tattoo. 

“It was the Grandmother Spider who taught us many things,” the caption read. “She taught us about pottery and weaving. She taught us about fire and light and dark. She taught us that we are all connected on the web — each one of us having our place in this world.” 

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