She’s stone cold! Demi Lovato took to Instagram on March 4 to reveal that she accidentally knocked out her trainer’s tooth while working out at the Unbreakable gym. “Holy s–t I literally knocked [Jay Glazer‘s] tooth out during training this morning — while he was wearing a mouthpiece!!!!” the 26-year-old wrote beside a video of the trainer holding one of his chompers and laughing. “Hahahahaha sorry (not sorry) Jay!!! 😂😝👊🏼 So coach, when’s my first fight?! #unbreakableperformance.”

It actually seems like this isn’t so uncommon for Jay, since he actually had a bell in the gym that he rang while shouting “Demi knocked a tooth out!” and she cheered beside him. She tried to say sorry, but he clapped back, “she’s not sorry … not at all!”

He also clearly has a protocol for losing a tooth during training. “I know you’re all concerned about my tooth, especially you, Demi,” he said in an Instagram Story later the same day. “I crazy glued it back in. All good!” he said, smiling with a full set of choppers. We’re not sure crazy glue is a replacement for actual dental work but hey, he seems like the pro.

Demi has been working on her Jiu-Jitsu skills at Unbreakable gym after firing her old trainer in the summer of 2018. After her scary overdose, Demi’s former coach began talking about her publicly, which rubbed Demi and her family the wrong way. Demi spoke out in November after fans shaded her for her decision, saying, “You have no idea what you’re talking about. True friends don’t do interviews about you when you OD.”

Luckily, Demi seems happier and healthier than ever after the whole ordeal, and it seems like Jiu-Jitsu and her new gym have only helped with that. Keep up the good work, Demi, just try to leave your trainer’s face intact from now on!