She’s back, baby! Demi Lovato was relying on jiu-jitsu as an outlet for stress and anxiety before her overdose, and now she’s finally back at it! On Dec. 4, she posted a sweaty photo of herself post-workout, and she looks totally refreshed!

“Sweaty, messy jiu-jitsu hair,” she wrote alongside the photo, along with “😝💪🏻 #BJJ #bluebelt #nevergiveup 💙🥋.” Fans were thrilled to see her still being active, and they rushed to the comments section to lend their support. “You are fantastic. You cannot imagine how happy it makes me to see you be well,” said one devoted fan. Another chimed in, “you are such a warrior!” while a third wrote, “keep that healthy glow going!”

Demi also tagged Unbreakable gym, which is “an elite performance fitness center on the Sunset Strip with unlimited personal training, boxing, & rehab” that she trains at. The gym also works with Noah Centineo, Chris Pratt, and singer Kiira, so it seems like the perfect place for Demi to go.

Fans were kind of surprised to see Demi sticking with the sport, mostly because she recently fired her trainer Danielle Martin. When a fan called Demi’s team “so rotten” for letting the trainer go, Demi quickly clapped back saying, “You have no idea what you’re talking about. True friends don’t do interviews about you when you OD.” Apparently, Demi was upset because after she overdosed, her trainer said that she “wasn’t herself” one day earlier. We’re just glad Demi isn’t let that get in the way of her practice or health!