You heard her: every day. Ariana Grande clapped back at a Twitter user who accused her of not being supportive of her friend and fellow pop star Demi Lovato and her struggle toward sobriety. Don’t mess with the queen and her friends, y’all.

“It’s so funny how Ariana be supporting Miley so openly but stays quiet if Demi has music out,” the follower originally tweeted on February 19. “This is why I don’t really like Ariana….” Can’t girls support girls, period? We love that Ari is out here showing love to Miley Cyrus. There’s enough love to go around, people!

“I talk to her everyday [you] psycho,” the 25-year-old pop star responded on February 20. “So much happens off the internet and it’s all so much love too! You’d all be so happy to know that.” You tell ’em, girl.

When a fan told her to step back from the hateful comments, she proved her love for the 26-year-old even more. “Stop acknowledging the negativity bitch it’s [your] day,” an Arianator wrote to her and she agreed, but still had a little more to say on the subject.

“Tru. [Just] saying. That itched me,” Ari said of the original accusation. “She’s my friend friend. Bye tho.”

While it’s true that the thank u, next star hasn’t been as outspoken as some other pop stars in her support for the ‘Sober’ singer, she’s right in that it doesn’t mean she hasn’t been there for her longtime pal. The duo have been friends since back during their Disney and Nickelodeon days, so we’re sure it’s incredibly difficult to see your childhood friend deal with something this tumultuous.

On the day the news of Demi’s hospitalization broke, the Victorious alum sent a simple, yet heartfelt message to Demi. “I love you, @ddlovato,” Ariana tweeted on July 24.

Since exiting rehab, the Camp Rock alum has been taking it easy and getting back into regular life with family and friends. She’s even cozied up to new boyfriend, Henri Levy. Things are looking up for her and we know she’s got Ari on speed dial to dish about it all.