It’s easy to find and fall in love on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, but keeping the spark alive is a whole different story. For Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried, they were one of the few couples who managed to make things work. Now that they’ve been married for over two years and have a baby together, though, they need a little extra help. Enter Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. Can the show and its experts help them heal their relationship? Check out an exclusive look at the couple’s struggle over the season in the clip above. 

As the experts note, the couple is stunningly nice to each other. Which you’d think would be a good sign considering how rude Marriage Boot Camp participants can be to each other, but might actually be a red flag in this case. Are they actually just tip-toeing around each other? Are they scared to bring up past issues that maybe aren’t as old news as they might have thought? They’ll have to work through things they thought were settled if they’re going to come out of this show stronger than ever.

In the first episode, Des and Chris took part in a mini-recreation of prom night, dressing up and getting corsages designed by the experts that represent the problems that they’ve been having. It was up to them to figure out what was going on — and try to work together to address those issues. For Des, her corsage was packed with what looked like tissues, prompting her to think maybe she needs to work on her sensitivity, or oversensitivity as it may be. For Chris, his ribbon had a number two, which he interpreted to mean that he might feel like he comes number two to Des now that they have their son, Asher. 

Other contestants had a different interpretation, though. After all, Chris competed for Des’ heart on a show where she was also dating 24 other men, and where Brooks Forester was the presumed front-runner until he sent himself home. Even Des’ brother said that she settled for Chris when he talked exclusively to Life & Style back in 2014. But does Chris still feel like he might be his wife’s second choice? It’s something they’re going to have to work through if they want to get back to a happy marriage. 

And it’s more important now than ever that their marriage work. After all, not only do they have one kid, but the couple announced earlier this summer that they’re actually expecting a second. They also posted their gender reveal on Instagram at the end of August, sharing that they’re expecting another little boy. 

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It’s a …… . BOY!!!!!!! ☺️💙💙💙💙. . Asher’s face is priceless! And we are beyond excited to have another baby boy join our family! Can’t even believe we’re already half way there to meeting him. Our hearts are so full right now.

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So will Marriage Boot Camp be just the push they need to get back on track? We certainly hope so, but we’ll have to wait and see how things shake out on the rest of the show.