Did he or didn’t he? High School Musical alum Zac Efron has looked somewhat unrecognizable over the years — but did he ever get plastic surgery on his face? Some fans have speculated about the matter, but the actor has set the record straight in interviews. 

What Happened to Zac Efron?

In a cover interview with Men’s Health published in September 2022, Zac revealed he badly injured his jaw after slipping and smacking his chin against the granite corner of a fountain in his house. He said that, as a result, the masseter muscles in his face used for chewing “just grew” and “got really, really big,” which gave his jawline a larger appearance.

Did Zac Efron Have Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery buzz began when the Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile actor appeared in Bill Nye’s “Earth Day Musical” special for Facebook Watch in April 2021, and seemed to be sporting an augmented jaw and lips. Fans quickly took to Twitter to speculate about Zac’s appearance.

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“LMAO, looks like he got stung by a bee,” one user wrote, while another added, “Zac Efron was way too inspired by The Weeknd‘s face shape.” The Weeknd shocked fans in 2020 when he debuted a heavily augmented new face — which, instead of plastic surgery, ended up being incredible prosthetics work for the “Save Your Tears” music video.

However, many fans were quick to defend Zac. One Twitter user reminded fans that his seemingly new face could possibly have been related to a previous injury from 2013. At the time, the A-lister slipped in a puddle at his home and suffered a gash that required stitches.

Did Zac Efron Get Plastic Surgery on His Face? Everything We Know
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Zac’s loyal fan base wasn’t the only one to come to his defense. His pal and Australian talk show host Kyle Sandilands claimed that “of course” the actor did not have any work done. 

“I would know if he’d had any plastic surgery,” he explained in an April 2021 episode of “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” podcast. “It’s like getting a Picasso and having a kid finger paint all over it. Why bother?”

Zac’s appearance was a hot topic again in June 2024 after he starred in the Netflix film A Family Affair alongside costars Nicole Kidman and Joey King.

“Zac Efron looks so different in A Family Affair. Just read that he had a bad fall on his face hence the changes, a more mature look,” one person wrote via X.

A second person added, “Zac Efron went from heart-throb to American Dad. Where did his face go? He looks like he’s in his early 50s.”

Meanwhile, a third fan snarked that Zac should get a “new face” for each role he plays as a “marketing strategy.”

Has Zac Efron Responded to the Plastic Surgery Rumors?

The Baywatch star responded to rumors he underwent plastic surgery during a September 2022 interview with Entertainment Tonight, saying that even his mother called to ask if he had work done.

“My mom told me. I never really read the internet, so, I don’t really care,” Zac explained about being unaware of the cosmetic work chatter, adding, “It was funny. It sucks. I almost died, but we’re good.”

Zac has surprised his supporters with his appearance in the past, as well. In 2020, fans were quick to comment on the actor’s huskier look for his role in Baywatch, which forced him to take on a dedicated diet and exercise routine.

“I realized that when I was done with that movie, I don’t ever want to be in that good of shape again,” Zac told Sean Evans while appearing on an episode of Hot Ones in April 2020. “You’re working with almost no wiggle room, right? You’ve got things like water under your skin that you’re worrying about, making your six-pack into a four-pack. S–t like that it’s just not … it’s just stupid.”