Here comes the drama! Bachelor Nation was thrown into chaos on March 12 when a photo surfaced of contestant Cassie Randolph wearing a “bride” t-shirt and veil while surrounded by girls wearing “I Do Crew” tops. Does this mean she’s going to change her mind about dumping Colton Underwood and end up marrying him on The Bachelor? Here’s what we know.

It’s totally understandable that fans’ first instinct was to believe that Cassie is prepping for a wedding after seeing the suspicious picture. “Like obvi they get engaged bc like you don’t dress up like this for no reason!” said one fan. Another commented, “If they do get engaged tonight YAY.” A third said, “YESSSS I DO CREW!🙌🙌”

Of course, not everyone was so quick to believe that the photo is from an actual bachelorette party, and they’re probably right to be suspicious. First of all, though it’s unclear where the photograph is originally from, it was posted on fan sites back in December 2018. That’s one month after filming ended. It definitely seems unlikely that even if Cassie takes Colton back, he would propose just one month later, especially since she was so worried about moving too fast.

Second of all, none of the most important people in Cassie’s life seem to be in the pic. Surely, if Cassie had a real bachelorette party, her mom, sister Michelle Randolph, and bestie Caelynn Miller-Keyes would be wearing those “I Do Crew” t-shirts and celebrating right there beside her. As a matter of fact, none of the girls in the pic have ever appeared on Cassie’s Instagram at all.

So that leads us to the conclusion that this is likely an old modeling shot that someone dug up and reposted on Bachelor finale day just to stir up some drama. If you’re dying to know whether Cassie even ends up with Colton before the big finale on March 12, you can check out our spoilers, here!