Friendly Reminder That Not All ‘Bachelor’ Seasons End With Engagements! Here Are All the Ones That Didn’t

All of Bachelor Nation collectively gasped when Colton Underwood broke the unwritten rules of The Bachelor during season 23 and blatantly told Cassie Randolph she was the one he wanted to be with — when he still had two other women left! Though Cassie said she loved him, she was too freaked out by the idea of an engagement after a few short months that she wanted to quit the competition altogether. His response? We don’t need to get engaged.

Colton Underwood Accidentally Destroy's Cameron Fuller's Birthday Cake With 'Magic Mike' Moves Him and Cassie Are Still Together
Courtesy of Colton Underwood Instagram

And guess what? He was right. The two are still together more than a year later and certainly weren’t the first couple in the reality franchise to end the season as, well, a couple … not fiancés. So which other Bachelors and Bachelorettes didn’t get engaged at the end of their ~journey~? Scroll through the gallery below to see them all!