Joey Graziadei had a big choice to make during the season 28 finale of The Bachelor. The tennis instructor went on his final dates with Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent before making his decision at the last rose ceremony on the Monday, March 25, episode.

The episode began with Joey, 28, reiterating that he’s “falling in love” with both Daisy, 25, and Kelsey, 25. He reflected on the development of both relationships before meeting up with his family to catch up. Joey’s dad, Nick Graziadei, mom, Cathy Pagliaro, sisters Carly Monzo and Ellie Graziadei, and brother-in-law Zach Monzo all flew to Mexico to meet the final two ladies.

Daisy was the first one to meet the Graziadei family. She opened up to the family about her hearing loss and got emotional while thanking them for helping to shape Joey. The Minnesota native still hadn’t told Joey she was “in love” with him yet, but assured Carly and Ellie that she was feeling that way and would say yes to a proposal. However, Joey admitted that he felt like Daisy had been holding back, which he said was scary. His sisters let him know that Daisy was “all in” and would be “heartbroken” if she didn’t get a proposal at the end.

Meanwhile, Cathy told Daisy that she would be “honored to have [her] as a daughter-in-law,” and Daisy choked back tears during their special conversation. “They had nothing but amazing things to say about you,” Joey told Daisy afterward. “They were so excited to meet you. I knew they would see how special you are.”

After she left, Kelsey was brought in to meet the family. She teared up as she opened up about the death of her mom, which noticeably touched the group. However, Carly and Ellie were admittedly concerned that Kelsey seemed a bit more hesitant when they asked if she was ready to get married. “Daisy was like, ‘I’m all in if Joey gets down on one knee,'” Carly told her brother. “If you propose today, 100 percent yes. When we asked Kelsey, she was like, ‘I think so.'”

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Joey knew he eventually had to talk to Kelsey about this and make sure that her feelings were deeper than just an infatuation. At the end of the day, Kelsey’s fears that she wouldn’t get picked began creeping in. “I do have this piece in my heart that if it’s not me, I know he’s going to be really happy with Daisy,” she said. “I also think about how much I could see it being us and I get so happy. I totally could see it being us … but also could not.”

The next day, Joey went on his final date with Daisy. They went to a professional healer to cleanse their minds, bodies and souls. Daisy admitted to being “a little bit frustrated” in the middle of the date because she was starting to have doubts about where she stood.

“I think I got in my head when he was like, ‘I want what’s best for you, even if it’s not me and you,'” Daisy explained in a confessional. “It wasn’t like, ‘I’m excited for this.’ Everything just feels so heavy on me right now and it hasn’t felt like that when I’ve been around him ever. I just feel like … I feel like it might not be us.”

By the nighttime portion of the date, Daisy was more optimistic and ready to tell Joey that she was “in love” with him. They finally had that conversation and Joey said that it “meant a lot” to hear Daisy say that. “I didn’t expect him to say anything back but it would’ve been nice if I got some sort of validation,” the 25-year-old said afterward. “I feel like I didn’t really get much, which is a little bit terrifying.”

When the night was over, Daisy felt like something was “a little off” with Joey. “He’s not talking about that potential future with us,” she explained. “I feel like he’s being measured and careful, honestly.” She also added, “If I’m being 100 percent honest, I don’t think it’s me.”

Kelsey had her last date with Joey next, which consisted of a spa day in the resort. She brought up her hesitation about Carly and Ellie’s proposal question and assured Joey that she was ready. “It’s not, like, a box that I’m trying to check, you know what I mean?” she shared. “It’s because it’s you that I’m ready for an engagement, really. It’s because I can’t see myself without you.”

Meanwhile, Daisy was still in her head about how things went on her date. “Something felt like it wasn’t clicking fully,” she said in a confessional. “It’s just a feeling.”

Before the final rose ceremony, Daisy admitted, “I know what I need to do. As hard as it is right now, I know it’ll be the best thing for me.” She then visited Kelsey in her hotel room in a move that’s never happened in Bachelor Nation history. Kelsey told Daisy that she did get “validation” from Joey on her date, which left the account executive even more concerned. “Hearing Kelsey say she got validation … it just hurts because I put a hundred percent everything that I could into this,” she said.

However, Daisy wasn’t ready to just “walk away right now,” even though she was fairly certain that Kelsey was going to be Joey’s choice. The ladies then traveled to the final rose ceremony together, which has never happened before.

When Daisy was the first one out of the car, it confirmed what she already knew — she wasn’t getting picked. “Falling in love with you has been so fun and I do love you,” she told Joey. ‘The thing is, you’re not going to choose me. The last couple of days I realized that you’re not my person and I know that you know that. And as much as that hurts, I know you said you want the best for me. So I’m going to do what’s best for me and I’m going to go.”

While it was an amicable breakup, Daisy opted to walk herself out instead of letting Joey lead her away. They were both in tears as the relationship ended. The footage then cut to Joey taking off his jacket as he walked away from the podium, which is the ending scene that’s been teased all season long.

Finally, Joey and Kelsey had their moment. He confirmed that he loved her and that he was choosing her. “I know during this time that we’ve built a very strong flame and the only reason I know that flame will never go out is because you’re my light. I have known for a while that I want to have a beautiful life, but I truly didn’t know how beautiful that life could be until I met you,” he said. He then got down on one knee and proposed.