A preview for the season 28 finale of The Bachelor shows Joey Graziadei introducing his family to Daisy Kent. In the clip, the tennis instructor’s two sisters had a strong reaction to meeting one of his final two women.

“I think my first impression is just that these are two people who really seemed in love with each other,” Joey’s younger sister, Eleanor “Ellie” Graziadei, said in the sneak peek, which was released on Monday, March 25.

Daisy, 25, and Joey, 28, recounted their first meeting and first one-on-one date. “Daisy was holding something in the entire time we were together during the day,” the former college athlete told his family. Daisy then opened up about losing her hearing and having a cochlear implant. She also got emotional as she gushed about Joey to his loved ones.

“Honestly, this whole experience has changed my life and that’s because of him and who he is,” the Minnesota native said. “And I know that’s a lot of because of the people who love him. So I just want to say thank you to all of you.”

the bachelor preview joey daisy seem in love sister says

At that point, Joey’s older sister, Carly Monzo, was wiping away her own tears. Joey’s mom, Carly Pagliaro, and dad, Nick Graziadei, who separated when he was a child, were also there for the family meeting in Mexico.

While things certainly seem to have gone well for Daisy, there’s also still another woman, Kelsey Anderson, in the mix. During the Monday, March 25, finale, she will also get to meet the Graziadeis before Joey makes his final decision.

“I do have two amazing women here,” Joey said in another preview. “I can picture a life with both of them. But there’s still a fear of if that person is gonna choose me.”

Since the season premiere, an “unprecedented” finale has been teased in promos. Viewers have seen Joey seemingly walk away from the final rose ceremony in tears with a rose still on the podium.

“I’m just ready to have the answer and everything be out there,” Joey recently admitted. “Whatever happened, whatever people think, all these different theories … I’m ready for it to all be [put] to rest.” After the footage from Mexico airs, Joey, Daisy and Kelsey, 25, will appear live to reveal where they all stand today. If Joey is engaged, it will be his public debut with his fiancée after months of keeping the relationship a secret as the season aired.

The Bachelor finale airs on ABC Monday, March 25, at 8 p.m. ET.