Joey Graziadei is ready for fans to see the finale of his season of The Bachelor. As fan theories about how season 28 ends flood social media, the tennis instructor said he’s excited for the final days of his journey to finally be out there.

“I am ready to get to being back to Joey again,” the reality star, 28, told Us Weekly. “Joey, the Bachelor, has been so fun, but this is a lot. It’s a lot to go through. It’s a lot to take in from time to time and I’m just ready to have the answer and everything be out there. Whatever happened, whatever people think, all these different theories … I’m ready for it to all be [put] to rest. And I can kind of know and have whatever it was be coming out and then we can just kind of move forward.”

In February, internet sleuths realized that Joey and contestant Kelsey Anderson had posted social media videos with the same background, leading to speculation that she was the winner of his season. At the time, Joey pointed out that he “can’t really speak on” specific theories and admitted that “it’s not really something that [he was] paying attention to.”

the bachelors joey reacts to theories about how season ends

The Bachelor finale airs on March 25 and will feature Joey introducing his final two contestants – Kelsey, 25, and Daisy Kent – to his family. The ladies will also each get one last date with Joey before the final rose ceremony.

Previews for the final episode have shown Joey teasing an ending that’s “never happened” on the show before. In footage from the finale, he got emotional while walking away from the rose ceremony podium and getting in the back of a car. The vehicle seemingly drove away while there was still a rose on the platform.

One clip also showed Daisy, 25, appearing to have doubts about where she stood with Joey. “I just felt like something was, like, a little off with us,” she admitted. “And it shouldn’t feel this way.”

Heading into the finale, Joey told both Kelsey and Daisy that he was “falling in love” with them. Daisy expressed the same sentiment, while Kelsey said she was already “in love” with the former college athlete. It seems that Daisy gets to that next step by the finale, though, as a preview showed her saying, “I do love you.”

During the three-hour finale, fans will also get updates on where Joey stands with both Kelsey and Daisy today. Meanwhile, viewers are anxiously awaiting an announcement about season 21 of The Bachelorette, as one of Joey’s eliminated contestants will likely be revealed as the franchise’s next leading lady in the coming weeks.

The Bachelor season 28 finale airs on ABC Monday, March 25, at 8 p.m. ET.