Two women have captured Joey Graziadei’s heart on season 28 of The Bachelor. During fantasy suite dates on the Monday, March 11, episode, the tennis instructor told both Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent that he was “falling in love” with them. 

“I think you can see through this whole entire journey how it’s a very tough in-between to be aware of what you’re saying without being closed off,” Joey, 28, admitted to Us Weekly. “They sometimes go hand in hand. So people saw me struggle through that. I was really trying to be honest and open, but I didn’t want to say things until it was the right time in the right way.”

In addition to Daisy, 25, and Kelsey, 25, Joey also went to the fantasy suite with Rachel Nance, but did not use the L-word in any capacity with her. Meanwhile, Kelsey told Joey she was “in love” with him and Daisy said she was “falling in love.” 

Despite Kelsey’s strong feelings for the Pennsylvania native, she began having doubts about where their relationship stood. The episode ended with the New Orleans resident leaving Joey a note that said, “We need to talk.” Viewers will have to wait until the March 18 episode to find out what was on her mind and how it affects the pair’s relationship

Joey and Kelsey had their first one-on-one date during week 5 in Marbella, Spain. However, it wasn’t until their second one-on-one during week 7 that the former college athlete knew how he felt.

“[It was] how great that day was, how much we were starting to continue to see things move forward and not take any steps back,” he admitted. “That was when I kind of truly knew that I was falling in love with her. But as always, it’s a feeling. It takes time for you to feel comfortable to share those words and there needs to be the right space and you need to think everything through.”

Kelsey introduced Joey to her family during hometown dates on the March 4 episode and her dad, Mark Anderson, gave them his approval. “I feel very, very happy and it was wonderful to see Kelsey, to see Joey and the connection that they have,” Mark said. “I understand there’s still other women, but I think Joey will take care of Kelsey and I do hope she is engaged when she comes home.”

The season continues with the Women Tell All special on March 18, followed by the season finale on March 25.