Kelsey Anderson introduced Joey Graziadei to her tight-knit family during her hometown date on the March 4, 2024, episode of The Bachelor. The tennis instructor won over the brood, especially Kelsey’s dad, Mark Anderson.

Who Is The Bachelor’s Kelsey Anderson’s Dad?

Mark Anderson is a United States Army veteran. On The Bachelor, Kelsey revealed that her parents “met in the military” and were “both military police officers.” The family lived on a military base in Germany while Kelsey was growing up. Mark now resides in Louisiana, which is where Joey met him on Kelsey’s hometown date.

Kelsey was admittedly not very close with her father while growing up, as he was “working a lot,” she told Joey. However, after her mother’s death in 2018, the pair’s relationship deepened.

“My dad is really my favorite guy,” Kelsey gushed. “Whenever anything happens, he’s the person I run to. Whenever I’m happy or sad. And definitely in happy and sad moments I think that I really miss my mom, but I know that I have my dad that I can lean on.”

Mark admitted to Joey that he “was not sure about” The Bachelor when Kelsey told him that she was leaving to be on the show. “My biggest fear was that as she was developing feelings for you, it would’ve been a difficult thing to see you going on a date with someone else,” he explained.

Joey assured Mark that his feelings for Kelsey were “real” and the Army vet left the conversation feeling optimistic. “I see the way that he is towards you,” Mark told his daughter. “It’s very reassuring. I want all of you to feel that feeling that I had with your mom because it’s like setting the world on fire.”

At the end of the family meeting, Mark said he felt like his daughter was ready to find happiness and made it clear that he wanted her to have a future with Joey. “There’s always a possibility of heartbreak, you just never know when it’s going to come,” he added. “Kelsey’s ready for enjoying life and, with that, she has to be ready to suffer through heartbreak if that’s what happens. I feel very, very happy and it was wonderful to see Kelsey, to see Joey and the connection that they have. I understand there’s still other women, but I think Joey will take care of Kelsey and I do hope she is engaged when she comes home.”

What Happened to The Bachelor’s Kelsey Anderson’s Mom?

Kelsey’s mom, Denise Anderson, died of cancer in 2018. She was first diagnosed with the disease “about 10 years” before Kelsey filmed The Bachelor in 2023. The illness went into remission but eventually returned and “metastasized on her bones,” Kelsey shared.

“They gave her six months,” the reality TV contestant revealed. “After that it was just very aggressive and after, I think, about two months, she passed away.” Kelsey admitted that it was “hard” for her to “think about [her] mom not being at [her] wedding” one day. However, she said she considers butterflies to be a sign that her mom is still with her.

who is the bachelors kelsey andersons dad family guide

“Right before I came on [The Bachelor], I was getting out of work and I saw butterflies in the middle of the city of New Orleans and that was kind of reassuring to me,” Kelsey said. “On the way to the airport, I was on the phone with my dad, and I was like, ‘What do you think mom would think about all of this?’ and he told me, ‘You’re your mother’s child. You’re so brave.’ He was like, ‘It’s something your mom would do.’ He felt like I was exuding my mom’s energy, I guess.”

The New Orleans resident also told Joey that she thinks her mom would “like” him.

In February 2019, Kelsey posted a tribute to her late mother on Instagram. “One year without you and my heart still hurts like it was yesterday,” she wrote. “I feel like the luckiest kid in the world for having a mom like you, even if I didn’t get all the time I would have liked with you. You’re one in a trillion. I love you mommy. My hero. My heart.”

During her hometown date with Joey, Kelsey opened up more about her parents’ relationship in a conversation with her father. “I told [Joey] about mom and how you took care of her throughout … you know … like, how sick she got and everything you did for her,” Kelsey said. “You were such a good husband to her. I feel like that’s what I really look for, you know? Someone that would be there through the hard times and the good times. Knowing that after you saw the love of your life pass away and knowing that you had to take care of all of us and be there for all of us … I can’t imagine. I want somebody like that for me. Mom and you always told us that’s what we deserve and not to settle for someone who doesn’t give us everything that we deserve. I feel like Joey really does that.”

Who Are The Bachelor’s Kelsey Anderson’s Siblings?

Kelsey is one of five siblings. On The Bachelor, she praised her dad for being there for all five kids after Denise’s death.

Kelsey told Joey that she is closest with her younger brother, Matthew. “I heard [Matthew] on the phone when I was with my dad right before I came here and he was like, ‘I’m so proud of Kelsey,’” she shared.

who is the bachelors kelsey andersons dad family guide

Matthew was a high school football player who went on to play the sport at the University of Nebraska and Campbell University. Kelsey has posted about her brother’s achievements on social media. “Graduated high school Thursday, off to University of Nebraska Saturday,” she gushed in May 2019.

Kelsey also has two older sisters, Taylor and Jordan, and an older brother, Pascal. In 2018, Matthew revealed that Pascal had joined the military when he shared a photo that showed the elder Anderson sibling in uniform. “He graduated basic with the cutie pie award!” Matthew joked in the caption.

The dating show contestant gave fans more insight into her siblings via her Instagram Story on the day her hometown date aired. “[Taylor] is so talented with anything artsy, can pick up any instrument and teach herself,” Kelsey dished. “She is an amazing painter and writer as well! Taylor taught me friendship. She was my first best friend.”

About Pascal, Kelsey added, “He is such a hard worker and excels in every goal he sets for himself from work to personal life! Pascal taught me so much about self discipline.” She called Jordan “sweet” and said, “She was always so athletic and kind. Jordan has one of the biggest hearts. She would do anything for anyone with no questions asked and was always so protective over all of us siblings. Jordan taught me compassion.”

Finally, Kelsey paid tribute to “little” Matthew. “[He] is so kind and loves so big. I know if I needed anything he would be there immediately! Mateo is hilarious and strong willed! Matthew taught me patience and the importance of laughter and opening my heart to others.”