Season 28 of The Bachelor is well underway and fans are dying to know who Joey Graziadei ends up with at the end of the show. While initial spoilers revealed Joey’s apparent final pick in November 2023, subsequent social media activity had fans wondering if a different woman actually ended up with the tennis instructor. In February 2024, Bachelor Nation received an updated spoiler for how things allegedly go down.

Who Does ‘The Bachelor’ Star Joey Graziadei Pick?

Joey picks Kelsey Anderson during The Bachelor finale, according to a blog post from Reality Steve on February 27, 2024. This report was different from Steve’s initial November 2023 spoiler, which said that Daisy Kent was the winner of season 28.

Kelsey’s relationship with Joey flourished after their first one-on-one date during the February 13, 2024, episode. She opened up to him about the death of her mother and their connection soared as she got vulnerable during the conversation. Sparks continued to fly as the weeks continued and Kelsey got another one-on-one date during the February 26, 2024, episode.

At that point, hometown dates were just one week away, and Joey began envisioning a future with Kelsey as he started learning more about her family. She got a rose, which confirmed that Joey would visit her hometown and meet her loved ones.

who does joey graziadei pick on the bachelor season 28

Steve initially reported that Kelsey was the runner-up for season 28. However, as the show aired, fans noticed that Kelsey and Joey seemed to be posting TikTok and Instagram videos from the same location. BachelorNation.Scoop rounded up the possible evidence on February 21, 2024.

The Instagram post pointed out that Joey and Kelsey both seemingly posted from the same backyard. They also seemed to have the same wine fridge and rug in their videos.

In a February 20, 2024, blog post, Steve stood by his assertion that Daisy was the final pick. However, one day later, he said he was “looking into” the possibility that Kelsey is actually the one with Joey, which he confirmed the following week.

Meanwhile, Joey addressed the speculation that he ended up with Kelsey during a February 23, 2024, interview. “Obviously anything that comes out like that, I can’t really speak on it,” he told Us Weekly. “I know people are really trying to figure out what’s going on. Yeah, I can’t speak to anything that’s sent because it’s not really something that I’m paying attention to.”

Does Joey Get Engaged in ‘The Bachelor’ Finale?

Joey and Kelsey did get engaged during The Bachelor finale, according to Steve. He reportedly proposed to her at the final rose ceremony in Tulum, Mexico.

Previews for the rest of Joey’s season have teased that something unprecedented happens during the finale. “That was crazy,” Joey said in a trailer. “I didn’t expect that at all. I can’t think that’s happened before. I don’t even know what to say. I know I gave as much as I could.”

In a February 2024 interview, he added, “I know that from what I’m told, it’s something that hasn’t happened before, and I think once you get to that point and you follow the actual story line, people will understand what those tears [in the preview] mean and that’s the best I can say.”

Steve’s February 27, 2024, report claimed that the “unprecedented” ending happened because Daisy realized she wasn’t going to get picked during her last one-on-one date with Joey. Although the final two contestants do not usually interact ahead of the final rose ceremony, Daisy reportedly paid a visit to Kelsey’s hotel room and told her what she suspected was going to happen. Steve said that the women had a “straightforward” conversation about it and that there were no hard feelings on Daisy’s part.

who does joey graziadei pick the bachelor

The TV blogger also reported that Daisy met with Joey at the final rose ceremony and told him what she already knew before he had the chance to dump her. The conversation was reportedly “positive,” but is what left Joey shaken up before he proposed to Kelsey, as seen in the previews.

Which Women Were in Joey’s Final 4?

This season’s hometown dates went to Daisy, Kelsey, Maria Georgas and Rachel Nance, according to Reality Steve. While the blogger mentioned how “tough” it typically was to get all of the details regarding the timing of hometown dates he managed to get several for Joey’s season.

Joey first visited Daisy’s hometown in Minnesota. The reality TV blogger shared photos on his site that showed Joey arriving at Daisy’s parents’ house and other ones showed the couple leaving together.

Joey also visited Louisiana to meet Kelsey’s family and traveled to somewhere in Canada for Maria’s date. However, Reality Steve didn’t specify where Rachel’s date took place.