Emotions are running high for Joey Graziadei, Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson in a preview for the season 28 finale of The Bachelor.

“This is the biggest week of my life,” Joey, 28, says in the clip, which was released at the end of the Monday, March 18, episode. “I’m falling in love with both Daisy and Kelsey and I could see a future with both of them. Daisy is someone who gets me to my core. It’s a feeling I never had before. With Kelsey, we do have this physical bond and connection that’s real.”

The footage cuts to his final dates with both women and shows Daisy, 25, telling the tennis instructor, “I do love you,” for the first time. Kelsey, 25, previously expressed these feelings of being “in love” on her fantasy suite date. In the finale sneak peek, she breaks down in tears while talking to Joey’s mom and admitting, “I can’t tell you how much he means to me.”

the bachelor finale preview daisy says something is off

Although both of Joey’s final two relationships seem to be going strong, his doubts continue to creep in. “Even though these women have given me nothing but confidence that they will choose me, there is still a doubt that they will say yes,” he shares.

Meanwhile, Daisy also begins to have fears about what the future holds. “I just felt like something was, like, a little off with us,” she says. “And it shouldn’t feel this way.” The clip also shows Kelsey telling Joey, 28, “It keeps getting more real and it’s terrifying.”

All season long, viewers have been teased that the season ends in a way we’ve never seen before. The latest teaser shows Joey leaving the final rose ceremony in tears and seemingly driving away in a car while there is still a rose on the podium. “I didn’t expect it to go that way,” he reveals.

Joey chose Daisy and Kelsey as his final two after eliminating Rachel Nance during fantasy suites week. Before that rose ceremony, he feared that his relationship with Kelsey was falling apart when she left him a note that said, “We need to talk.” It turned out that the New Orleans resident simply wanted to let Joey know how hard it was not to see him for several days while wondering about what he was doing in between the time they spent together.

While Joey was relieved that Kelsey wasn’t ending things, he was also shaken by the wording of her note and admittedly couldn’t “snap out of it” as quickly as he wanted to. Still, his connection with Kelsey was strong enough for him to give her a rose and continue pursuing their relationship.

The Bachelor’s three-hour finale airs on ABC March 25 at 8 p.m.