Nobody likes breakups, but sometimes it’s better to be upfront and honest than to try to spare the other person’s feelings. Body language expert Traci Brown believes that might be exactly what Cassie Randolph was doing while ending things with Colton Underwood on the March 4 episode of The Bachelor. While Cassie, 23, insisted she “loves” Colton, 27, and was only quitting because she wasn’t sure she was ready to get engaged, certain physical actions showed that that may not be the whole story.

“At first, she’s not all that sincere,” said the Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence author while watching their split. The moment she is referring to is No. 1 in the video above. “She’s smiling too much. Her tone doesn’t match any upset. Totally insincere. She wants outta there.” However, her passive sentiments seem to become more sincere as Colton breaks down in moment No. 2. “She’s sad that he’s sad, but not for herself,” Traci explained.

In moment No. 3, Traci thinks that Cassie isn’t saying exactly how she feels. “See how her lips disappear? She’s holding back emotions and info,” the expert theorized. It’s easy to see that Cassie is being very careful with how she’s expressing herself, though it’s impossible to know for sure what it is that she’s not saying.


But moment 4 is a little more obvious. “When he says he’s not mad, it looks like he shrugs his shoulders, which means he doesn’t believe what he’s saying.” Um yeah, we definitely thought he looked mad in that moment, and it seems like Cassie felt that way too as she immediately turned around.

But don’t misunderstand: Cassie isn’t simply faking all of her feelings. “Those are real tears,” said Traci of the blonde beauty’s breakdown in the car. “I think the gravity of the situation has hit her. You can’t fake tears like that.” So what’s the deal? “Overall I’d say that she wants out,” hypothesized Traci. “She doesn’t really want to hurt him, but ends up hurting herself more as the situation unfolds because she’s hurt him.”

Colton promised Cassie that he wasn’t going to stop trying to convince her he wants to be with her, and even said that he didn’t need an engagement as long as they could be together, but would that really make her happy? We’ll just have to wait and see! But if you can’t hold out until the finale, you can see all of the spoilers, here.