Yes, queen! Chris Harrison dropped a very strong hint during Women Tell All that fans will be seeing Demi on Bachelor in Paradise. The blonde beauty showed off her strong personality to Colton Underwood (and the world) during her run on The Bachelor and we can’t get enough.

During her sit down on the Tell All special, fans got to relive her unforgettable run on the show. Love her or hate her, she is unapologetically herself and people are here for her strong personality. The reality host dished, “We may be seeing you somewhere!” If you’re new to Bachelor Nation this most likely means Paradise.

Demi from the bachelor

It will be a blast to watch Demi search for love on a Mexican beach. One person who will not be in her sights is Paradise alum Jordan Kimball. The male model made it clear that he was not interested in her after fans started shipping them on social media.

Split of Jordan Kimball and Demi Burnett
Getty Images; Instagram/Courtesy of Demi Burnett

“I must’ve read over 50 comments today of people tagging me on either my page or her page. They’re terming it Jemi. And Jemi to me sounds like a really bad denim skirt project. … Nah, I don’t think so. I’m not that interested in that. It’s like, I don’t know. It’s just weird,” he told Life & Style at Baskin-Robbins’ Valentine’s Day event.

He added, “I don’t think she’s probably as crazy, but like, she’s definitely fun I’m sure outside of the show. The crazy people, the villains, are always fun people. I don’t think she’s probably like malicious or anything, but she probably gets crazy on the weekends for sure. You probably see her popped out the top of someone’s sunroof on the freeway.”

In Demi’s defense, she never said she was interested in him either. Good luck in Paradise, girl!

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