On the March 4 episode of The Bachelor, front-runner Cassie Randolph made the tough decision to send herself home after a visit from her dad, Matt, in Europe. How much of an influence did that conversation have on her exit? A source exclusively told Life & Style that things could have shaken down much differently with Colton Underwood if he hadn’t shown up.

“It’s hard to say what would have happened if Matt didn’t express his concerns, especially in Portugal, to warn Cassie,” the source divulged.

That’s not to say that she doesn’t care for the football player but things were moving too fast. The insider explained, “Her feelings were real and she was honest about how she felt — it was just the realistic aspect of what was about to happen [getting engaged] came crashing down. Hearing it from her father confirmed in her mind how rushed this all was.”

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On the most recent episode, things were going well between Cassie and Colton until he revealed that her father did not give his permission for the two to get engaged. “By him telling me I don’t have his blessing does not discourage me about us … You mean a lot to me,” the reality stud assured her.

However, that made all of Cassie’s uncertainty come out. “I know that they want the best for me,” she said about her family during a confessional. “The fact that they’re not 100 percent sold on Colton and I together kind of freaks me out. It makes me confused if he’s the right person.”

Cassie and Colton fantasy suites the bachelor

The California native’s father then paid her a visit because she “seemed conflicted” about Colton during hometowns. She admitted, “I just wish I had more time. I don’t want it to be over with him but it scares me that at the end it’s accepting a proposal, that’s huge. But I’m not ready for it to be over.” Matt didn’t seem convinced that she was fully ready and offered this piece of advice: “Don’t be afraid to follow your heart. Following your heart doesn’t mean it’s easy.”

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