Can they make it? Katie Morton and Chris Bukowski were an unexpected couple on Bachelor in Paradise, but they got engaged during the finale on September 17. During week 6, the reality stud admitted that he wasn’t completely convinced their relationship was the right thing, despite the two being an item throughout almost the entire season. Katie left the beach with a Neil Lane diamond on her finger but revealed during the reunion show that she was having major doubts — she even stopped wearing her ring.

Chris Harrison and Katie Morton Bachelor in Paradise Finale
ABC/John Fleenor

Katie explained to Chris Harrison during the finale that she was “exhausted” and her “tank was empty” from her relationship and they needed to take a step back.

“Relationships aren’t easy,” Chris said while holding Katie’s hand on stage. “I think we take things day by day and I think we do get better every day. It’s a roller coaster. It’s a lot in a short amount of time and we have a really good understanding for each other, but it’s definitely rocky.”

Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton crying during Bachelor in Paradise Finale

Katie, 26, felt like their problems were deeper. She admitted that she feels extremely “insecure” in their relationship. She explained, “It’s just been really difficult for me to watch back because I thought I was going to watch back and see how in love with me you were, but I didn’t see that … I told you I wanted you. I wanted to be with you every day. I emptied my tank. I can’t speak for you and say you’re not giving effort, but I am giving so much.”

Chris, 33, tried to assure the reality babe. “I am capable of being that man, but [not] if you don’t believe I can be that man,” he said. Katie responded by noting, “I would have never said yes if I didn’t believe. I have seen it. I get glimpses.”

In the end, the pair decided to work through their problems and continue their engagement. Katie even put her ring back on.

Although Chris and Katie both had moments of doubt about their relationship during the season, they are one of the couples who gets engaged after their overnight date. They’ve gone through some ups and downs, including Chris momentarily falling for Jen Saviano, but they decided that what they have is special enough to work through.

As decision day slowly crept closer, the pair started questioning their romance more and more. “Chris and I were doing really great making little baby strides, but I’ve looked at other couples and said, ‘Wow, that looks effortless. That looks perfect.’ I don’t have perfect. I’m a perfectionist. I want that,” Katie confessed during the September 10 episode.

Chris was having similar apprehension about the whole thing. “I know I have something amazing, but I’m still second-guessing that amazingness with an amazing person just because coming to the end, I’m just thinking like a lot,” he admitted during the same episode. “I felt like I had clarity with Katie. We finally got to where we wanted to be, fully committed to each other. But, going into the rose ceremony tomorrow, I feel like there are just deep second guesses at this point. I don’t feel like I am 100 percent convinced that this is the right thing, which sucks.”

“I think there’s a lot for us to work on,” Katie told her beau during a candid conversation. “Of course there is, there always is,” he agreed but added that they should “get some sleep and figure it out tomorrow.” The reality babe was later seen crying while laying in bed.

The pair hit it off during the second week of Paradise after bonding over an emotional conversation about what they’re looking for in a partner. They seem to be extremely happy together so we can’t wait to see what’s next for them!