Good for you! Halsey revealed on August 15 she quit nicotine after being addicted for over a decade. However, she confessed that losing that vice resulted in gaining a few pounds, which is a very common side effect that many people experience. The songstress is gorgeous at any size and it’s awesome to see her ditch the unhealthy habit. While she didn’t divulge what’s helping her stay committed to ending her addiction, tons of fans are cheering her on and sharing their own stories.

“I successfully quit nicotine a few weeks ago after smoking for TEN years,” the 24-year-old acknowledged in a tweet. It must’ve been tough to stop doing something that’s been in her life since she was just 14. Her post continued, “I gained a lot of weight and probably lost some friends forever bc I was being a NUT (lol) but I’m so happy I did it and I feel v goooood. Just wanted to share.”

People rallied to support the Grammy nominee. “Queen!!!! the real hot girl summer!” one tweet read. Someone else added, “We’re proud of you. Now you just need to remember this feeling of being healthy and happy and always think of it once you want to smoke again … We hope you will never touch a cigarette again.” Another follower echoed, “I’m proud of you for opening up about this and doing the right thing!”

The “Without Me” artist gave hope to people also struggling to kick the habit. “I decided to quit smoking yesterday after being a regular smoker for the last four years … I know it’s gonna be hard to quit but seeing you do it gives me even more motivation to do the same,” one person divulged.

Besides her new nicotine-free life, the sassy songstress has been enjoying her relationship with her boyfriend, Yungblud. The two frequently post loved-up things about each other and Halsey gushed over just how incredible he is in a sweet birthday tribute.

“Darling Dom, everyone who has met you in this life, for any amount of time at all, will be changed forever because of it,” she began the adorable caption on Instagram on August 5. “For some, in small ways they won’t even realize. For others, in a life-changing wave — and every single one of them will be better, from having crossed your path for even a second. You leave an irrevocable shine on every soul you come in contact with. Mine is gleaming.”

Keep slaying, girl!