Not to be dramatic, but stan Twitter is shaking right now. Basically, everyone’s favorite badass singer Halsey did an amazing cover of the Jonas Brothers’ hit single “Sucker” on BBC Radio 1. If that wasn’t incredible enough, the world-famous boy band turned around and shared the sweetest (and we mean, THE sweetest) video shouting out the songstress’ performance.

“OMG,” Joe Jonas exclaimed in the clip, before panning to his brothers Kevin and Nick. “Halsey! That was amazing,” they all said in unison. “Thank you so much for covering ‘Sucker.’ It sounded incredible. You’re the best. We love you.”

Are you ugly crying yet? Because we are. If not, perhaps Halsey’s response will push you over the edge. “I love you guys, too!!!!! And I love this song! Thank you!!!!!!!!” she tweeted on Thursday, June 6.

Halsey tweet
Courtesy of Halsey/Twitter

As mentioned, both JoBro and Halsey stans went absolutely nuts. “Collab soon or I’m suing,” one user wrote. To be honest, we aren’t going to get lawyers involved or anything, but a collaboration would be everything and then some.

“Legends supporting legends,” added another. A couple of people went into serious (highly entertaining) detail. “Do a remake of the Hannah Montana/JoBro episode, but you don’t fall in love with them, but their wives,” someone suggested. We would 100 percent watch that — no doubt about it!

As much as we would love to see Halsey and the Jonas Brothers do their thing on Disney Channel, we don’t suspect that happening any time soon. However, considering both artists will be at Summertime Ball this year, we’ll definitely be praying for them to come together. Who knows? In the meantime, there’s no shame in playing Halsey’s “Sucker” cover on loop, right? Right!

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