No baby news, people! Halsey recently hinted on Twitter that she had big things to share and fans immediately started assuming the pop star was pregnant. She quickly shut down those rumors with the most hilarious response. Honestly, we would never expect anything less from her.

“I have The Biggest Secret (unrelated to the album),” the 24-year-old wrote late on February 18. “When u guys hear it, some of you are gonna explode … into actual pieces.” Of course, people quickly rushed to the conclusion that it had something to do with her rumored romance with YungBlud or that she was expecting.

There’s no need for speculation because the songstress put an end to those rumblings herself. “People think my last tweet is me hinting I’m pregnant,” she acknowledged in a later post.

She continued on to say that it must mean she’s either “gaining weight” or “acting weirder than usual.” That’s when she admitted, “Jokes on u, I’m doing BOTH! However, STILL not pregnant!”

Halsey SNL performance
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One fan asked what the problem is with gaining weight and it turns out the “Without Me” songbird is happier than ever with her body. “Nothing at all!!!!!” she responded. “I feel really good right now TBH!”

Although she still hasn’t shared what her epic news is, her 10 million followers are anxiously waiting. Some people hypothesized that she’s jumping into the beauty game. One person guessed, “If it’s a makeup line or clothing collection my bank account is gonna be so pissed off sis you don’t wanna go there.”

Other people were dreaming up collaborations. “A ‘Lady Marmalade’ rendition with you, Demi Lovato, Carly Rae Jepsen and Cardi B,” someone else begged. Um, it’s probably not that but we’re into it.

For now, we’ll just be here waiting. Keep killing it, Halsey!

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