Bachelorette alum Hannah Brown addressed people who have unfollowed her on social media since she apologized for using the n-word. The Alabama native has lost almost 26 thousand followers in the last 30 days, according to SocialBlade.

“I got back on social media and I was actually shocked by the small amount in what I thought of people who wanted to stop following,” the 25-year-old said on June 5 during an Instagram Live session. “I understood that and I know I disappointed a lot of people, and especially without hearing what I had done to do differently, I got that. But what’s been even more shocking — it makes me even more passionate about all of this in a way that I couldn’t before — is that I have lost more followers and people since my apology and I get messages all of the time, ‘OK, we get it. Stop posting apologies.’ I will always say I’m sorry but I’m past the apology and now I’m part of the good work.”

The Dancing With the Stars winner also noted she now realizes how important it is to speak up against racial bias. “Before my certain circumstance happened, I vowed and invested for this to now be part of my life and there are so many people in my life, black people, people of color in my life that I love and support me and I’m gonna support them, especially right now, so that’s not gonna stop,” she added. “And to know that’s continuing to have people turn away from me, I think it’s showing even more of how important it is that we’re out here speaking and using our voice for real change.”

Hannah added she’s thankful for her platform — even if she only ends up having one follower — so she can continue to do the work necessary. She also challenged her followers to “drop the defense” and have “uncomfortable” conversations with friends and family who may be averse to discussing racism.“It doesn’t mean it will be easy but no impactful work will be easy,” she said.

On May 16, Hannah made headlines when she used the n-word while attempting to recall a TikTok dance to DaBaby‘s “Rockstar.” She issued her first apology the following day and it was deemed “insensitive” by fans and even some of her fellow Bachelor Nation alums. The former pageant queen made a second statement on May 30, where she informed her followers on the steps she’d taken toward accountability for the incident.

“So, if a white girl from Alabama who has made a mistake publicly on this issue can be on board and passionately and purposefully and wholeheartedly be a part of the change,” the reality star said in her latest statement, “then I promise you can, too.”