Current Bachelor star Colton Underwood is 26 years old and is still a virgin. If you think that’s hard to imagine, you’ll be shocked to learn that one of his contestants, Heather Martin, claims to have never even been kissed! But is that the cold, hard truth, or is it a storyline that was crafted just for the hit ABC show? Life & Style spoke exclusively with a friend of Heather’s to get to the bottom of it!

“It’s completely true!” promised the friend. “You can wholly trust what Heather says to be true. She’s as genuine as they come and the world just isn’t used to it.” Fans definitely seem to have gotten that sense while watching the show. Heather has been super sweet and quiet, and hasn’t gotten involved in any s–t-talking or drama on this season so far.

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But just because she hasn’t kissed anyone doesn’t mean she hasn’t had any relationships. As a matter of fact, she’s had a serious boyfriend before, but it sounds like the chemistry just wasn’t enough. “The last guy she dated was great and Heather is great, it just didn’t work between them,” the pal explained. “There isn’t anything bad to say about her ex at all. They’re just better as friends!” Always a good sign.

During the second episode of the season, Heather was up-front with Colton about her situation. She let him know during a group date that she hadn’t kissed anyone, but that she would be totally open to it with the *right* person. While Colton was super supportive and said he “respected” her for being choosy with her smooches, she seemed lowkey disappointed that he didn’t try to kiss her right then and there.

Bachelor contestants Heather and Cassie are 'friends' from college
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However, Heather will have a one-on-one date during the February 4 episode, and it sounds like she’s hoping that the “Never Been Kissed” title will disappear afterward. In the teaser for the episode, Heather says “if Colton kissed me, I would definitely be okay with it,” and hopes that their first smooch will be “natural.” But it’s unclear if it’ll even happen, because she says “it’s not really me to be like ‘yes you can kiss me’.” Colton might not be willing to pop her kissing cherry without her express permission, so it may be a no-go. We’ll just have to tune in to see what happens!