We’re one step closer to the premiere of Colton Underwood‘s season of The Bachelor. The official cast list of the 30 women who are vying to win the ex-football player’s heart has been revealed on Dec. 6. Among the bunch is Hannah Martin. The blonde beauty has one-upped Colton’s virgin storyline with a revelation of her own — she’s never even been kissed!

On Thursday, Chris Harrison treated Bachelor Nation to a live stream where he talked about each contestant and teased the upcoming season. That’s when we learned that Heather, the blonde beauty, is 22-years-old and lives in Carlsbad, CA, where she works as an assistant program manager. Her big reveal is that she’s never been kissed. Wait, what? Is it true?! According to her it is, and there’s a little bit of proof to back it up. She has already been declared a virgin on social media by her sister.

Even though the Cali native has set her personal social media accounts to private, it’s been revealed that she has actually met Colton before. According to Instagram photos from Heather’s sister, captured by Reality Steve, she and the new Bachelor met at an event this past summer. Based on outfit and location, they met at Mavericks Beach Club during a fundraising event for the Colton Underwood Legacy Foundation on July 26. According to other event photos, former Bachelor in Paradise contestant Leo was also there.

The photo of Heather and Colton smiling includes the caption, “Virgins all around,” with “#virginlivesmatter” and “#jointhecolt” added. This alludes to the idea that Heather is also a virgin which adds to her claim of never being kissed. Since this was back in July, Heather (and probably Colton) didn’t know he would be this season’s leading man. Weird coincidence that she happened to be cast this season. However, it’s obvious she really hit it off with Colton so maybe that’s what inspired her to apply.

ABC/Rick Rowell

Either way, it looks like these two have some chemistry. Can’t wait to see how you do, Heather!

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