What a twist! One person is not here for Bachelorette star Hannah Brown‘s sweet reunion with Tyler Cameron — his pal Matt James. The leading lady announced that she and Jed Wyatt broke off their engagement after he got down on one knee during the finale. However, sparks started flying when she reunited with Tyler during After the Final Rose. She took her shot and asked the stud out for drinks. Needless to say, his friend was a bit skeptical.

“Mannnn, she better be buying,” Matt wrote on his Instagram Story during the July 30 episode, seemingly referring to Hannah and Tyler making plans to meet up later. He also posted a slew of memes reflecting his displeasure.

Tyler Cameron Friend Matt James Instagram About Hannah Brown
Courtesy of Matt James Instagram
Tyler Cameron Friend Matt James Instagram About Hannah Brown
Courtesy of Matt James Instagram

Matt and Tyler frequently post about each other on the social media platform and work together for the charity ABC Food Tours.

The live show was the first time Hannah and Tyler had seen each other since their heartwrenching breakup. “I was looking forward to this day, actually,” the studly contestant said about seeing his ex again. “It was a tough breakup, it was hard. I have so much respect for you. I’ve loved watching this season and watching you … Seeing you be so powerful and strong. I’m sitting there with my buddies and rooting you on. You’re so powerful and strong.”

As far as her drama with Jed and his ex Haley Stevens, he is cheering her on. “It’s been tough to see her go through what she’s gone through. But she’s a fighter … The world is hers,” Tyler added.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Hugging

There was no denying that the chemistry was off the charts with them so Hannah decided to put herself out there. “Our relationship was real to me and special and everything I said I meant and I felt. It didn’t just go away, and I still have feelings,” she began.

“I’m really confident in who I am now and being on my own and growing and taking in what I want in the next relationship,” the starlet said with a smile. “I’ve always said, ‘Yeah, I want someone to be bold.’ I’m bold, and I make bold moves. You’re an incredible guy, I’m a single girl. So, I don’t know, I thought maybe we could go for a drink and hang out.” Tyler sweetly responded, “I would love to, just tell me when.”

Time will tell what’s in store for Hannah and Tyler!