Stay pressed! Season 3 of WE tv’s hit reality TV series Hustle and Soul has been bringing nonstop drama, and it seems like costars Cola and Jon Jon are always finding themselves caught up in the messiness of the feuding staff members of the Pink Teacup Villa. The on-again, off-again couple recently spoke exclusively with Life & Style, and they opened up about why they think they get so much hate from their coworkers and costars.

“Well, personally, I know that the tension with me honestly stems from jealousy,” Cola told Life & Style. “It stems from the fact that I’m just a very blunt and open person and sometimes people don’t handle that very well.”

Earlier this season, Cola found herself caught up in a physical altercation when she got jumped by her costars Thandi and Ana. Cola explained that the only reason why that situation escalated because she was trying to warn Ana to “watch out” for Thandi. “I guess she had a difficult time facing her own reality and when I brought that to her attention, she just reacted with her hands because she didn’t have an intelligent response from her mouth,” Cola explained.

Even though Cola and Jon Jon’s relationship is a little complicated, he will always have her back. He also has had his fair share of issues with Lawrence, and he agreed that the negative energy that he and Cola seem to attract from their costars is because of jealousy.

“As long as your work ethic is stronger than theirs, as long as you are more intelligent than they are, as long as you are better looking, as long as you have a personality because they have none, they don’t want to see you win,” Jon Jon told Life & Style. “So that’s what the bigger [issue] is with the relationship between Cola, Ana, Lawrence and I is to them, we are their competitors. They are not ours. We’re in two completely different leagues and I mean it just sucks when you’re the lead of the show and your cast members are taking over and so that’s what it is. It’s jealousy. It’s all jealousy. It just sucks because we could’ve really worked well together.”

Hustle and Soul airs on WE tv Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET.