Back in November, fans raised their eyebrows when Kylie Jenner hosted Dream Kardashian‘s birthday party instead of her father, Rob. The newest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians finally revealed the reason why the makeup mogul threw the fairytale-themed bash and it has to do with the California wildfires.

When the voluntary evacuations first started, Khloé Kardashian initially invited her younger brother, 32, and his 2-year-old daughter to stay with her. They temporarily moved in with the Revenge Body host, 34, and planned to throw Dream’s soiree at her house. However, soon the devastating flames started tearing closer to the Good American designer’s home.

Dream Kardashian Kim Kardashian birthday party blue tutu and flowers

“Wait, literally we gotta go. Start getting your stuff, it just jumped the freeway … So, come and get your stuff,” Khloé frantically told the sock designer. The son of Kris Jenner was clearly upset because he had “balloons being delivered, cakes, everything for [Dream],” and it didn’t seem like he wanted to budge.

Khloé was not here for his chill attitude. “I know Rob has this big birthday planned for Dream, but my brother’s not really understanding the severity of it — in my opinion … And, with kids, you can’t just take things lightly,” the reality starlet explained.

Rob kept a very calm demeanor which finally made KoKo snap. “Are you f–king with me right now? Come on, let’s go … You’re one of those people who won’t evacuate in an evacuation. That’s like, I don’t even know who you are,” the mom-of-one fumed.

Dream Kardashian fairy princess birthday party theme

Although it seemed like Dream’s party plans were shattered, Kylie generously took the reigns. “It just made me feel bad ’cause of the fires. She wasn’t going to have a birthday party,” the 21-year-old explained to Kris, 63. For fans who follow the famous family, you’ll remember that the daughter of Blac Chyna did end up having an absolutely magical party complete with princesses, butterfly wings and a huge dessert spread.

Dream Kardashian birthday party desserts table cake doughnuts


“I can’t think of a better way to recover from all of the fire drama than to celebrate Dream’s birthday,” the family’s momager gushed in a private interview. “I’m so glad that this happened for Rob and Dream. It’s a huge success.”

That’s what family is for!