Lovebirds! Kendall Jenner and her boyfriend, Devin Booker, are “making the most of their summer,” a source exclusively tells Life & Style. “They like to hang out at home together — wherever they are — watch movies and eat lots of food.”

According to the insider, the supermodel, 25, and the professional basketball player, 24, “are really serious and have been for a long time.” Even so, Kendall “is the most low-key” member of her famous family when it comes to her romantic relationships.

“She does what she wants without a lot of fanfare. Partly it’s because she doesn’t have kids, so she automatically doesn’t have to travel with an entourage, but she’s also just chill,” says the source. “Kendall just packs a carry-on and gets on a plane and a few hours later, she’s with her boyfriend having beers on a boat.”

On August 17, Devin shared several photos from the pair’s day trip to a lake. In one picture, Kendall is lounging in a bikini, drinking a beer and wearing her beau’s Olympic gold medal. “Not sure where they are this time, but maybe it’s Michigan, where Devin is from,” notes the insider. “They can hang out there with his family and not even really get noticed.”

Kendall Jenner Wears Devin Booker's Gold Medal in Bikini Photo
Courtesy of Devin Booker/Instagram

The former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star “is so supportive” of Devin, the source adds. “She loves talking about his accomplishments and wearing his medal is just a way to show the world she’s proud.”

Since going public with their romance in February, Kendall and Devin are committed to making time for each other. “The next logical step was to move in together because they don’t get to see each other that much in-season and with Kendall‘s insane work schedule, it was important that they share a home base, and in this case, Kendall‘s amazing new house in L.A., a separate insider previously told Life & Style.

“It was seamless. They were practically living together before, but now Devin has a lot more stuff there, and it’s just so obvious to everyone that this could be a forever situation. This is the first time that Kendall‘s in a relationship where she isn’t overly private or ‘hiding’ her boyfriend from her family,” the source explained. “They’re super mushy with each other and Kendall gushes about Devin any chance she gets. They’re both young but they’re really honest with each other and what they want for the future and right now it just really aligns.”