Boasting over 12 million followers on Instagram alone, Amanda Lee is one of social media's most accomplished fitness gurus — and she has the killer curves to prove it! If you're looking to take your backside from Flat Stanley to Kim Kardashian the all-natural way, Amanda's workout advice is definitely the way to go.

That said, your Miss New Booty transformation isn't going to happen overnight, ladies. Make sure you cater Amanda's tips to your lifestyle — AKA if haven't hit the gym since 2007, take it easy, OK? Keep reading for Amanda Lee's top five tips to get the Kardashian booty you've always dreamed of.

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Leg day ✔️

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1. Push through your heel: Focusing on your heel when you work lower body takes the pressure off of your knees and activates your glutes.

2. Add weights: If you want your butt to change, you need to build muscle. Adding weights to your routine will accomplish this.

3. Switch it up: Don’t just go through the motions with the same routine for every workout. Varying HIIT training with classic weight training as well as changing up your exercises keeps your muscles from getting bored.

Feel the burn: If you’re not sore after your workouts, you are most likely not pushing yourself hard enough.

Work your booty every other day: Rest days are very important for muscle growth. For best results, don’t work the same muscles two days in a row.

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