It always seems like the villain of The Bachelor reveals herself pretty early on, and Colton Underwood‘s season will be no different. Even in a teaser for the premiere, contestant Catherine Agro can be seen stealing Colton from other girls not once, not twice, but FOUR times! She even says “if you don’t have haters, you’re not doing something right.” However, a close friend of Catherine’s named Priscilla Martinez says that she’s not the villain she appears to be on the show! If you can’t wait for the finale, see who wins The Bachelor, here.

Priscilla insisted that her friend is “very real” and knows that the fact that she’s “not shy” may have made her a target. “It’s a reality show. People are edited to look or seem a different way for entertainment,” she explained. “She doesn’t have that villain personality at all. She is super sweet even with girls, which is actually quite shocking. She told me she made some of her best friends on the show. She is always approaching other girls, complimenting them.”

“I would say the villain role is quite inaccurate,” Priscilla continued, admitting that Colton’s interest in Catherine may have caused some tension. “She definitely is a male magnet. She gets a lot of attention. She is also a serious girl. She is not one to waste her time with the wrong person. I would say when it comes to relationships and it comes to guys, she is looking for something serious even though you might think it would be opposed because she’s a beautiful girl.”

So what is the real Catherine like, if she’s not a mean girl? “She is quite amazing,” the pal explained. “Life of the party. Super fun to be around but she’s also super grounded. She goes to church on Sundays. Super family-oriented as well. She loves her mom and her twin sister. She’s overall just a good person, a good friend.” But Priscilla can totally see why Catherine may have intimidated the other women a little bit.

“She is definitely confident,” she insisted. “She is a very confident girl.” Priscilla admits that people might find Catherine “intimidating” upon first meeting, but that often times people end up “being not exactly what you first think they are.” We’ll just have to wait and see what else we learn about Catherine this season!

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