After quitting Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in 2020, is Denise Richards appearing in the upcoming season 13? Fans got their answer thanks to what the Drop Dead Gorgeous star has said as well as what was shown in the show’s trailer.

Is Denise Richards Retuning to ‘RHOBH’?

The former Bond Girl, 52, confirmed she has been shooting scenes for season 13. “I have filmed some episodes,” Denise told Variety on Thursday, April 20, adding, “It’s been fun. And you know, I’m a big fan of the show, so it was fun to go back and film a lot of stuff with them.”

When the season 13 trailer dropped on October 3, Denise was seen walking through the door with fellow RHOBH alum Camille Grammer, cheerfully saying, Hi girly” in one scene while Faye Resnick put a glass of wine up to her mouth and muttered, “OK awkward.” Erika Jayne is then shown asking Garcelle Beauvais, “Do you know that it’s seven dollars for a naked bundle of Denise Richards on OnlyFans?”

In a difference scene, Erika tells Denise, “You think I’m not going to go as f–king low as I can?” as fellow castmates look on stunned, to which the actress replies, “You’re one evil woman.” Erika agreed, firing back, “I am.”

Why Did Denise Richards Return to ‘RHOBH’?

The Money Plane star described how organic it was when she rejoined the show, as she attended a screening hosted by current Housewife and close friend Garcelle and Bravo’s production team was unaware of Denise’s invitation until her arrival.

“This all just happened recently on the spur of the moment,” Denise explained to the publication. “I was at her screening as a friend — like a real friend — I didn’t tell anyone I was gonna be there. Production didn’t know. I just showed up, like, for real life, as a real friend in real life.”

Bravo liked what they saw. “The next day, I was asked to go to some events — and so it’s been actually fun,” she added about her appearances so far.

Enemy Lisa Rinna‘s departure from the show after season 12 also helped play a part in why Denise felt comfortable returning to the reality show. The former longtime friends feuded throughout season 10 over several topics, including whether or not Denise slept with former cast member Brandi Glanville and had an open marriage with husband Aaron Phypers. The Wild Things star denied both claims and quit following contentious exchanges with Lisa at the show’s reunion taping.

“When I left after my second season, I just felt as though some of the women were very toxic and they played so dirty,” she explained. “I understand there has to be drama, but I also think it’s fun to see women having fun, especially this age group.” The season 13 cast includes Erika, Garcelle, Kyle RichardsDorit Kemsley, Crystal Kung Minkoff and Sutton Stracke. Production began in January 2023.

“I also think it’s great to show you can have fun,” Denise told the outlet. “But I don’t think it’s a positive message to try and tear people down. You can have your opinions, but don’t try to tear people down. I don’t think it’s right. I mean, that part I don’t like.”

Is Denise Richards Returning as a Full-Time ‘RHOBH’ Cast Member?

Denise said her status with the show for season 13 is undefined, but she confirmed to Variety that she won’t be appearing in any promo shots and will not be holding a diamond in RHOBH‘s intro.