This season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the newbies are running the show. Cast member Sutton Stracke joined the show at the start of season 10 — and nothing has been the same since. The California socialite has put her southern roots at the forefront during her short time on the hit Bravo series and she’s not one to overstep a boundary. But who, exactly, is Sutton? Here’s what we know about the southern transplant.

Where Is Sutton Stracke From?

The blonde beauty was born and raised in Athens, Georgia. In her early 20s, she moved to NYC to pursue a career as a ballet dancer. Though it’s unclear exactly when she made the move to the west coast, she currently resides in Beverly Hills.

Who Is Sutton Stracke’s Family?

In 2000, the southern debutante married her childhood friend, Christian Stracke. The pair shares three children: daughter Porter and sons Phillip and James. Interestingly enough, she watches RHOBH with her kids now that she’s appearing on the series, according to Bravo’s Daily Dish.

Christian and Sutton divorced in 2017.

Sutton Stracke
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Who Is Sutton Stracke Dating?

The mother of three met her new boyfriend, Michael Mahoney, online and they’ve been dating for over a year. He’s even made a few short appearances on the show throughout season 10. “He’s great. He’s a super nice guy and I’m happy to have him in my life,” she told Bravo’s Daily Dish.

However, she’s not looking to get married any time soon and values her freedom. “I don’t want to get married. I’ve been married. And I like how I am right now. It’s not even in my thought process,” she explained to the outlet. “I’m just enjoying being independent and doing this by myself right now.”

What Is Sutton Stracke’s Job?

After her ballet career ended, she became the Augusta Ballet’s Executive Director and the Cunningham Dance Foundation’s Director of Development. She also sits on the board of the prestigious American Ballet Theatre.

Currently, she owns a concept boutique called SUTTON, which sells art, clothing, furniture and home decor. Her store’s opening gala was featured on the show this season — and the space looks amazing.