Is Hannah Brown getting cozy with Tyler Cameron? It sure seems like it! The former Bachelorette contestant’s best friend Matt James took to his Instagram Story on Sunday, March 29, to show Hannah lying in what could possibly be her ex’s bed while listening to music, online shopping and drinking wine.

Need proof it’s Tyler’s bed? Well, a few days prior, Matt shared a video of the two former flames play-fighting over Tyler not changing his bedsheets, which is why Hannah decided to change them herself. If you pay close attention to the room and placement of the furniture from both videos, it looks exactly the same. And there you have it!

So what does this mean for Hannah and Tyler? Well, they could either be super close pals who share the same bed, or maybe they’re more than friends! Based on their past, the chemistry is undeniable.

Hannah’s dad, Robert Brown, believes that the two are just good pals. However, he’s well-aware that it could blossom into more. “I don’t know if I’d officially say they were back together,” the father of two exclusively told Life & Style in March.

Hannah was first spotted hanging with Tyler again after his mom died from a brain aneurysm on March 2. Eventually, the two decided to quarantine together during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bachelorette Hannah Brown Wears Sheer Yellow Dress in Split Image With Tyler Cameron in Hoodie and Blazer
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“Then also with the coronavirus and everything, they’re down there a little bit more isolated, so she just decided she’d stay down there a little bit longer,” Robert added. “Other than that, I mean they’ve always gotten along. They’re just like two kids.”

It seems like the pair of exes are taking advantage of the situation to spend time together and explore their options. “Right now, they’ve been spending a lot of time with Tyler’s family and close friends in Florida,” a separate insider exclusively divulged to Life & Style in March. “Hannah wants to get more alone time with him, so [she] doesn’t have immediate plans to return home.”

We can’t wait to see how things unfold for them!