Fans have a really hard time accepting that some of their favorite reality shows are fake. Brains exploded when Maddie Zeigler admitted Dance Moms is scripted and hearts broke when Kristin Cavallari said The Hills wasn't real. Now, fans are looking at A&E's Storage Wars, and unfortunately it seems like parts of that are fake, too!

The premise of the show is pretty legit: buyers bid on repossessed storage units and get to keep whatever's inside. That really does happen, and all of the buyers on the show truly own thrift shops and antique businesses. Unfortunately, it's the treasures inside that seems to be less-than-likely.

In real life, most of these units are filled with crap. To make it more interesting, it sounds like producers add in some great pieces among the junk so it looks like the buyers strike gold way more often than they actually do.

The truth came out in 2012, when star David Hester sued the show for "fraudulent conduct of salting and staging the storage lockers." Two examples of items that he claimed were put in the lockers by producers include a stack of newspapers from the day Elvis Presley died, and a BWN mini car. He also said that some of the interviews with cast members were scripted, and that they shot footage of lockers while there was no auction involved. He was taking legal action claiming that it was illegal for A&E to deceive the public.

A&E responded by saying that David was just lashing out after they went after him for copyright infringement. However, they didn't deny his allegations about parts of the show being staged, which seems to confirm it. However, it's unclear if dramatic fights like the one between Dave and Laura were real or staged. Don't worry guys, Impractical Jokers and The Healer are still real!