Cabs are here! The Jersey Shore reboot is just around the corner, so fans have just a few weeks to relive all of their favorite moments from the MTV reality series before the premiere. While the show did deliver some of the best catchphrases, fights, and party scenes throughout its six-season run, fans can’t help but wonder — is the Jersey Shorescripted? The answer is…kind of! Keep reading below to see some of the production secrets behind some of the most memorable scenes.

Snooki really got punched in the face.

This scene from Season 1 is unfortunately iconic. After Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi stood up for her pals when another debaucherous group of friends took the shots that they ordered, a man named Brad Ferro punched her square in the face in one of the most traumatic moments in reality TV history. Brad was later found guilty on assault charges and he was ordered to complete a court-mandated anger management program, In Touch Weeky reported.

Italy was completely staged.

By the fourth season, the guidos and guidettes were considered celebrities and MTV decided that change of scenery would help fuel their storylines. But locals and extras who witnessed filming told the Daily Beast back in 2011 that the cast members would reshoot the same scenes from different angles, repeat their on-camera conversations, and practice their facial expressions. So while there is no script per se, it seems like most of the scenes were planned ahead of time. The scene where Snooki crashed a Fiat into an Italian police car also seemed more “intentional” than an accident, and she even went as far as wearing a fake neck brace to keep the storyline going.

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The entire cast was over it by the final season.

According to a personal account by a Jersey Shore fan who attended a filming at the Shore Store where most of the cast members “worked” throughout the series, it was pretty obvious that they were just going through the motions. Producers had very specific instructions to the extras who waited in line for the chance to enter the shop and have a T-shirt made by a cast member.

“When you go in the store, [the cast] can help you shop, they can answer your questions about the shirts, but you have to act like you haven’t seen them on TV and that you don’t know they’re famous,” the fan was told. “Okay?”

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation premieres Jerzday, Apr. 5, at 8 p.m. on MTV.