Iskra Lawrence clapped back after online trolls body shamed her for walking in a runway show during Miami Swim Week while six months pregnant. Now, the model exclusively tells Life & Style there’s “still so much work to do” to combat body shaming. 

“I mean there’s been progress for sure and there’s been more inclusivity, but I do think we’ve gone back,” Iskra, 33, tells Life & Style, adding that she believes the COVID-19 pandemic is partly to blame. “I think a lot of people were really tough on themselves and we lost a bit of that, like connectivity with society. Maybe we forgot how to speak to each other kindly. I don’t know.”

She also points to the “Ozempic era” as potentially contributing to the negativity, adding, “It feels like people are now shaming people for not even not trying to lose weight but they’re also simultaneously just shaming people for taking a drug that might help them lose weight.”

“[I also want to remind] my community and people in general like people might have something mean to say or you might see comments online, but you cannot let it dictate how you feel about yourself,” Iskra continues. 

The U.K. native announced that she is pregnant and expecting her second child with partner Philip Payne in April. Less than two months later, she received “hundreds” of negative comments about her body after walking in the Cupshe fashion show, taking to social media to shut down the hate and say she’s “proud of her body.”

“I’m still in disbelief that in 2024 (and with everything going on in the world) that fat shaming a pregnant woman seemed like the best use of your time?” she captioned a series of photos peppered with hate comments shared via Instagram on June 5. “Imagine body shaming a stranger on the internet… I do want to thank these trolls for being so obsessed with me they made commenting on my big fat pregnant body their biggest priority. So impressive you have nothing better to do.”

“My stance has always been your body, your business. and it’s no one else’s business what you do, if your body changes while pregnant or not. I think we saw that recently with the Lady Gaga shaming and people asking about Taylor Swift, and it’s just like since when did we have any right to discuss anyone else’s body?” she questions to Life & Style. “You know hurt people hurt people.”