It’s been almost a month since YouTubers Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul said “I do” at the Graffiti Mansion in Las Vegas and yet, the internet still isn’t convinced of their love. So much so, that Tana, 21, has been sparring with trolls almost daily. However, Jake, 22, has remained mostly silent on the matter — until now!

“I shouldn’t have to tweet about Tana to show that we’re married, but on a side note, babe, I’m in your closet trying to surprise you for a video. Where you at?” the controversial influencer wrote on Monday, August 12. OK … so it’s not the most heartfelt statement we’ve ever read, but hey! It’s better than nothing, right? After all, Tana has to be exhausted from being the only one defending her nuptials.

To be fair, though, a lot of the skepticism comes from a confessional during Tana’s MTV reality series where she said the wedding was for “fun and content.” Unsurprisingly, a lot of her fans have taken issue with that. Thankfully, being the transparent person that she is, Tana has since cleared the air (or tried to, anyway).

“I understand [people’s] frustration with this sound bite from the show and it’s the last thing I [want to] talk about right now, but obviously I just uploaded an [eight] minute YouTube video on how much I love Jake and am not [trying to] look like that much of a sociopath hahahahahaha,” she tweeted on July 31.

“I filmed those confessionals for the show A LONG TIME AGO! The ‘for fun and content’ sound bite was from a very long sentence lmao and was a little salty to see it pulled out of context. I understand, though, that MTV has their own creative and that these episodes are airing very late, especially in timing with the wedding,” Tana continued.

“I’m not tripping. I know that things have moved so fast, are unconventional and confusing, but I love jake. I truly do, in the weirdest f–king way,” she assured. “Every second of this rollercoaster ride has been so fun and crazy. I hate that it’ll probably always come with owing people some explanation … especially with so many things coming out, like the show (which is quite behind) … but I know that’s kinda the life we signed up for. [I don’t know]. I’ll f–k off.”

At the end of the day, Jake and Tana *clearly* have a connection — till death do them part or not!

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