She’s baaaaack! Tana Mongeau revealed that she and Bella Thorne are rekindling their friendship almost a month after they got into a very public fight on Twitter. The YouTuber shared a screenshot on August 8, which showed the actress adding her back into their group chat. It sounds like the Midnight Sun star is still keeping her guard up, but this is definitely a good sign of the ladies becoming a dynamic duo again.

The newly minted Mrs. Paul, 21, posted a photo of her phone that showed a text from a person named “b” with a red heart emoji, whom the blonde beauty identified as Bella, also 21. “Tana is back in the group. Welcome her [with] slightly opened arms,” the text read. Fans definitely loved the redheaded babe’s sense of humor but were ecstatic that the girlfriends-turned-BFFs are rebuilding their relationship. “We stan Tella in this house,” one person commented. Someone else added, “[Bella Thorne] still loves you. She’s watching you though.” Another user wrote, “Thank God, u two are soulmates.”

Tana and Bella had an open relationship while The Babysitter actress was also dating Mod Sun. If you have questions about the YouTube star’s sexuality/relationships/life, she made a whole video explaining everything. However, fans were shook after Bella wrote in July, “Tana and I are no longer good. She broke girl code. I’m over it.” She didn’t go into much detail about what that meant, but followers suspected it was because the blonde beauty was spotted with Mod after his split with the former Disney kid.

Things got tense when Tana fired back and wrote, “Imagine taking every time you’re mad at me to Twitter, but then telling people how much you care about me … WTF is this, B?” It snowballed into an all-out social media brawl when Bella snapped, “You legit started dating me for Twitter. How about you answer your phone and talk to me instead of being on Twitter.”

Tana later denied Bella’s accusations and promised she “100 percent at all times” believes in girl code during Booby Tape’s USA Launch Party on July 25. Despite the drama, it looks like the pair were able to mend their broken friendship.

Time will tell what the future holds for them!