She’s over the haters. YouTuber Tana Mongeau spoke candidly about her relationship with (and soon-to-be marriage to) fellow YouTuber Jake Paul — and how they’re done trying to prove their love to the nonbelievers.

“I’m very authentic with my fans, but I guess to summarize what I was saying [on Twitter], I don’t really care about anyone’s opinion at this point,” the 21-year-old said at the Booby Tape USA launch party on July 25. “I think that no matter what you do on the Internet, there’s always going to be people that scrutinize it and don’t believe it and ask you a thousand questions about it and whatever it is.”

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul
Courtesy of Tana Mongeau/YouTube

For Tana, the constant game of confirming her relationship doesn’t exactly help keep things positive. “And if you live your entire life in this position, trying to prove to people what’s real and what’s fake, you’ll absolutely never be happy,” she continued. “And that’s just the bottom line.” Preach, girl!

“So for me, I love Jake and I’m very excited to do this and we’re both having a lot of fun and I’m, yeah, I’m happy. And that’s all that really matters to me,” she gushed. “And I think that if I focused on proving what is real to skeptical people, I would never be happy. So I’m trying to not focus on that any longer.”

The soon-to-be newlyweds have done their fair share of “proving” their relationship to fans and followers since they started dating back in May — and yet again when they got engaged on June 24. Considering how fast these Jana developments happened, we get why people might be skeptical.

The one thing these two really have going for them, though, is chemistry. And that’s exactly where we think the authenticity factor comes into play … which is exactly what Tana favors in her connections.

“Authenticity, whether that’s a genuine relationship with a friend or a genuine relationship with someone that I care about or passion that’s authentic or doing what I love, pursuing the things that make me happy. Those are the things that make me happy,” she revealed at the event. Clearly, that ties into her relationship, too.

Tana Mongeau, Jake Paul

“At the end of the day, everyone’s image online is [a] contrived idea of what they want people to think their life is. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that,” she spoke about influencer culture. “I think we all do it. But if you live in that and you get caught up in that, you’re never going to be happy.”

Needless to say, she strives for happiness — online and in real life. “Authenticity is what makes me happy,” Tana said. “So in all of the things that I post online, I try to remain as authentic as I possibly can.”

That means the wedding, too. At least, we hope!