Family approved! Even though Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau only dated for a short while before walking down the aisle, Jake’s mom, Pam Stepnick, fully supports her son’s union to the fellow YouTuber. “[I] love her,” Pam told Life & Style exclusively at the pair’s blowout Las Vegas wedding on Sunday, July 28. “She’s the girl version of Jake.” 

Despite not knowing Tana “that well,” Pam went on to say some sweet things about her new daughter-in-law. “She’s very different in person — and this is what they say about Jake, too. Yeah, very different than on camera … like, she’s just a normal girl. It’s crazy.”

Unfortunately, not everyone in the Paul family was as accepting of Jake and Tana’s relationship as Pam. In fact, Jake’s brother, Logan, spoke out against the couple a number of times — including claims that their relationship is fake. “I don’t know what’s going on there [Jake & Tana] man,” the controversial vlogger, 24, told KFC Radio on July 14.

Tana Mongeau, Jake Paul, Logan Paul
Denise Truscello/WireImage

“I had an opportunity to do the fake relationship,” Logan admitted. “There’s no exchange [of money], but you can make money together. Like, say you make merch together … you probably split 50/50. I hope so. Like, what if my brother’s like doing 80/20 with Tana?” Since then, Logan has definitely come around and even acted as Jake’s best man at the reception.

That said, Pam defended her oldest son’s initial reaction. “I totally understand that,” she said of Logan’s skepticism. “We’re all taken by surprise a little bit.” Well, surprised or not, Tana Mongeau is officially Tana Paul. We can’t wait to see what other crazy antics the influencer husband and wife have in store for their fans now that big event is over. Some honeymoon content, perhaps?

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