He’s back! James Charles took to Instagram on Saturday, June 15, to announce his return to YouTube with a new video set to drop on Tuesday, June 18. This comes weeks after his very public dispute with former friend/mentor, Tati Westbrook.

“New video coming on Tuesday — finally!” the 20-year-old wrote on a selfie posted on his Instagram Story. He then revealed what fans should expect. “I teach you guys how to do this dripping pride makeup look and talk about what’s been going on for the last month …  I’m nervous to upload again, but I think it’s time,” he concluded.

James Charles Selfie
Courtesy of James Charles/Instagram

The last time the beauty guru uploaded a video to YouTube was on May 18, which was 41 minutes long, filled with receipts regarding Tati and Jeffree Star, as well as details on his side of the story. Since then, James has still remained active on social media.

On June 9, he addressed some of the backlash he has been receiving. “There have been a lot of comments on my page, my friends’ pages and brand pages that I am associated with about recent events on social media,” the influencer wrote on an all-black background on his Instagram Story at the time. “I am going to have to deal with these lies, accusations and being called horrible names for the rest of my life, and it f—king sucks, but I have already proven the accusations to be 100 [percent] false, and at this point, there is not much more I can do.”

It looks like this experience has taught James all he can do is control how he acts in a situation, and he’s choosing to focus on that by bettering himself. “I have to be patient, show my true character but also understand that there will ALWAYS be people who do not want to believe the full story because to many, drama is more entertaining than the truth,” he continued. “It’s sad, but this is the internet culture we created, and I don’t want these people following me anyway.”

Who else can’t wait for his comeback video?!