Jenn Tran is anticipating her season premiere of The Bachelorette and teased that she is “very happy” with the ending of her journey.

“I’m very happy with the ending and I’m very happy with the way everything panned out,” Jenn, 26, told People in a story published on Monday, July 8. “I learned so much every day that I was there [to find out] about myself and what I wanted in a relationship. There was so much growth.”

Earlier in the interview, the reality star gushed that she will be tuning into Bachelorette Mondays just like the rest of the nation.

“Are you kidding me? I’m not going to watch the best two months of my life? Of course, I am!” she gushed. “I am so excited for it to premiere. I feel like it’s so weird that this crazy journey happened, and I am just so excited to be able to watch it back.”

Viewers met Jenn during Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor earlier this year. Though their connection grew as the episodes rolled out, the New Jersey native was sent home before hometowns.

Now, 25 men will compete for Jenn’s final rose during the series’ 28th season.

On July 1, the physician associate told Glamour that she “didn’t see” the ending of her season coming.

“The whole journey happened in a way that it needed to happen and I’m very happy with the way that things ended,” she told the publication at the time. “It’s definitely an ending that I didn’t see coming for myself. My family won’t see it coming, and I don’t think the viewers will see it coming too. I’m excited for it all to unfold.”

Bachelor's Maria Georgas Seemingly Unfollows Jenn Tran on Instagram After 'Bachelorette' Casting Drama
Disney/John Fleenor

What’s a new season of The Bachelorette without drama? During her interview with People, Jenn revealed her “approach” to her suitors’ feuds was to “let the boys fight it out themselves.”

“I think once you let somebody figure things out for themselves and see how they make decisions and how they approach things, you get to learn so much more about them,” she told the outlet. “So, once drama started happening, I sat back and just took some mental notes. I’m not their moms, I’m not there to teach them anything.”

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Speaking of awkward interactions, Jenn’s friendship with Bachelor costar Maria Georgas has seemingly hit a roadblock. After Jenn was announced as the upcoming Bachelorette, the Canada native revealed that she was first offered the lead role but walked away before filming.

“It was set in stone. I was it,” Maria, 29, told Alex Cooper during a May appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. “[But] when everyone around me was so supportive of me being in this position and everyone wanted this for me, I took a second. I’m like, ‘Why am I not happy? Why am I not excited about this?’ It took me realizing that it’s just not my time [and] I was like, ‘Respectfully, I need to decline. I need to take a step back.’”

Jenn went on the podcast the following month after filming The Bachelorette and shared how “disappointed” she was by Maria’s claims.

“This show has been going on for years and years – 21 years of this show specifically – and every season there are multiple people in contention for the role,” she shared. “Multiple people are doing interviews or doing fittings or filming intro packages. And it’s never really you until it’s you. That’s why I was a little disappointed. The narratives out there aren’t exactly true.”

Tune into ABC on Monday, July 8, at 8 p.m. ET, for the season 28 premiere of The Bachelorette.